Man Candy Mondays: Bang Yongguk


Bang Yungguk is a South Korean songwriter, rapper, singer and dancer. He is best known for being the leader and main rapper of K-Pop group B.A.P.

It is hard to say whether B.A.P. takes on the characteristics of its leader or if the leader is simply the best reflection of the group, but in either case Yongguk absolutely embodies B.A.P. He raps with an aggression and energy and straight up unf that isn’t really touched by other boy groups currently. There is being confident and assured and then there’s eviscerating everything around you like it’s done you wrong. Yongguk attacks verses like they insulted him and it’s freaking great. From K-Pop bangers like “Warrior” to the incredibly poppy stuff like “Never Give Up” (sigh, Hyosung), Yongguk even makes having fun sound like serious business (also, he kinda sounds like T.O.P which is never a bad thing). He also has abs and is good looking, so bonus life points for that.


Yongguk is so sexy that his name causes more ovaries to drop than a sorority that’s synced its cycles.

All dat bat power.

All dat bat power.

Yongguk is so manly that he currently holds Sean Connery’s man card.

Engineered to please.

Engineered to please.

Yongguk is so sexy that God would go gay for dat.

And no one would think twice about it.

And no one would think twice about it.

Yongguk’s handsome mug causes more traffic hazards than black ice.

Casually stealing all your hearts.

Casually stealing all your hearts.

Yongguk’s abs are a more welcomed sight than the pearly gates of heaven.

"You're welcome."

“You’re welcome.”


zomg spaz



  1. Actually in the first picture; that’s Jongup not Bang

    1. Aaaaand stealth edited. Thanks.

  2. I love me some BYG…. and I love that he really appreciates art and music (esp Jazz) and it putting these international young kids up on a lot of things via Instagram.
    If you like deep raps in boy bands check out BTS (Bulletproof Boy Scouts/Bangtan Sonyeondan/Bangtan Boys) Rapmon <– he's a cutie … my noona feels

    1. Added to the queue of boy band members haha.

      1. I’d add Block B’s Zico to the list of rappers since he’s great at it and he’s one of the few korean idols who actually look like a boy. Also, I’m hoping for a Yixing edition.

      2. Zico is a name that I keep hearing about, so I will have to get to the bottom of this one. Coming soon to a Man Candy post, I’m sure.

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