Miss A’s Min Gets All Racist and She Doesn’t Really Have Any Excuse


So, yeah, if there is any lesson that Miss A’s Min can learn from this, it is that once something is on the internet, it is immortalized forever.

Also, don’t be racist.

That one might be more important.

miss a min rick ross

For some context of what the heck is going on with the above photo, here’s allkpop with their adorably monotone “even handed” take on it:

Min recently posted a photo onto her Instagram that she apparently found funny – a photo that had Rick Ross‘ head attached to Sunmi‘s body. While that might not seem too offensive, the photo also included a fried chicken leg with the caption “Rick Ross – Lacking 24 servings“.

The fried chicken jab is a derogatory jab at many African Americans, and has a history back to when slaves would fry the leftover chicken from plantation owners to eat them.

The photo deeply offended many on the internet, and she has since deleted the photo from her Instagram. However, there are those defending Min since Rick Ross/chicken memes are popular. He is know for his love of chicken and even owns a chicken restaurant.

If you have to ask yourself “Is this racist” it’s wise to err on the side of “Yes, it probably is.” Min can’t even really hide behind “BUT UNNIR DOESN’T UNDERSTAND CULTURAL DIFFERENCES” like people have used to defend Taeyeon for her “compliment” of Alicia Keys or G-Dragon and his blackface because Min trained in America, so she at the very least has a better understanding than some others about what she was doing and how it would be taken.

It was wrong and it shouldn’t have happened, and really the whole fried chicken thing is so blatant and lazy that it more or less just registers a “Really?” because Min should have known better.

Stealth edit: On a more personal note, as a guy who does enjoy a good Rick Ross verse, his specific life versus how his image is used and interpreted by others is still an important distinction to make. Also, not sure when stereotypes on race became “not racist” and just “unfunny” as if racism is only narrowly defined as actively hating groups of people and burning crosses.



  1. It wasn’t racist, people are so eager to call someone out these days.

    1. What about the above picture is not? Remember, just because something is popular on the internet does not make it less so.

      Also, not saying that Min is a racist, just that she used poor judgment in posting a racially charged picture. People can do dumb things and this was one of those times.

  2. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    Ugh. I saw this pic when she posted it because I am a Min freak and follow her on Twitter and Instagram, but I didn’t even notice the chicken leg or the stupid comment. I just thought it was a another bizarre pic like a lot of others she posts.

    But you are absolutely correct. She should have known better.

    1. Yeah, just dumb on her part.

  3. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    And the thing is if you check out the rest of her posts she obviously doesn’t have a problem with black people. She seems to hang out with them quite a bit.

    It makes me sad because she hasn’t posted anything since, and I don’t suppose she will be for a while. I’ll miss her. It would be nice if they actually PERFORMED every now and then. But I guess that would be too much to ask.

    1. I don’t think anyone thinks that Min harbors an ill will towards black people. A lot of racist images and thoughts are passed through and acted upon without any malicious intent.

      She will probably wait for this to die down first. Also, if Miss A could make their comeback soon, I would be happy for her (and other reasons).

  4. This is a courageous statement from mighty Min. Many people may not know this but there is a direct correlation between eating KFC and becoming obese. Here in New Zealand pacific islander community leaders refer to KFC as the polynesians achilles heel (KFC probably thanks them for the free advertising). It is inconceivable that a woman who loves the twerking as much as Minnie hates blacks. Clearly she is sending a subtle warning to sweet young Sunmi that eating KFC may turn her into a bearded obese black man, or something.
    In conclusion: say no to racism and yes to Mins boobs (nice pic). Peace out.

    1. You are correct in your conclusion.

      Also, you should apply to be JYPE’s communications director.

      1. Thank you for your above career advice but I am holding out hope for working for CCM where I can live the dream of partying down with the Cyclops, throwing rice cakes at Eunjung, “consoling” the Davichi girls cuz no one cars about them, and adopting Boram.

  5. therealcz · · Reply

    I still don’t know why people say Taeyeon is a racist. If people actually knew Korean, they would know what Taeyeon said about Alicia Keys isn’t racist. Just because people quote and quote a horrible mistranslation over and over, it doesn’t mean the translation was correct.

    1. Do you know what Taeyeon said? Genuinely curious as I’ve seen a bunch of differing translations on it.

      1. therealcz · ·

        It was something along the lines of “our black friend (Alicia Keys) is very pretty”. If pointing out that she’s black is offensive to some, fine. However, there is absolutely no way to mistranslate that as “Alicia Keys is pretty for a black person” unless it was a STAND (Stand Til All Nine Disappear) member propagating that.

  6. Mehhhh, Koreans love their fried chicken too and Rick Ross is a fatty. Use a tub of lard next time, Sweetie.

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