T-ara Releases “Number Nine” MV Ver. 2: is the Sexiest Existential Nightmare


As per their usual MO and due to the various decrees from Dear Leader Kim, the six members of T-ara have released the second version of their music video for “Number Nine“, which I’m sure is only the second of twenty differing versions for the song.

So, for those waiting for what that gorgeous dusky sky and outdoor setting from the concept photos would mean for a music video, here it is!

Yeah, there’s two possibilities here. The first is that this is the bleakest music video in existence.

Alright, not completely underwhelming.

Alright, not completely bleak.

And T-ara does not waste any time in driving home the argument that our existence is an abyss of pointlessness.

Thin on effort, abundant on visuals.

I mean, I GET the point (moar please).

Here is the plot to this Camusian masterpiece.

T-ara are in a couple of cars. Those cars break down. The girls walk around the desert and realize that no one is coming to save them. Jiyeon sees a skull and is reminded of our fleeting mortality. T-ara then dies in a barren wasteland. No one cares and none of it matters. 

RIP girls.


The other possibility is that CCM wanted the laziest, cheapest way to drive clickies and sent T-ara off to some government-free wasteland where they wouldn’t have to get any filming permits and then filmed some thirty second clips that were then edited in about half an hour in glorious instagram sepia.

You decide.

At least Hyomin’s everything make a prominent guest appearance.



Rating: Next time, just release some high quality gifs and save everyone some time.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    You should have been here when I misread your title as “Sexist existential nightmare”. It was a lot of “Dafuq, I gotta see this.”

    1. Hmmm, now that I think about it, I should have taken that angle as a mental exercise.

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