Psy and Steven Tyler to Collaborate and It Should be Magical


In a recent interview with ‘L’uomo Vogue’, Psy revealed that he did a collaboration with the corpse of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler which would make Psy only the second most wild performer in that studio. A party with Steven Tyler and Psy is probably the stuff of legends, like a cocaine binge on a cloud of screaming power chords and bellowing gallops.

Per allkpop:

Psy shared, “Steven Tyler finished recording,” revealing that he and the vocalist of the legendary rock band have already finished recording the new song. The “Gangnam Style” singer also mentioned that the new song may be available in November, and that he’s always been a huge fan of Aerosmith. Aerosmith is a five-member American band that debuted back in 1970 that still holds the record for the American band with the most music sales, having sold over 150 million copies worldwide.

Because, really, I would settle for a cover by Psy of “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” because if any K-Pop singer has the necessary screaming vocal chords necessary to nail that one, it’s the legendary, pony dancing genie of “Gangnam Style”:

In related news, buy all the stereo equipment stock now, as when November rolls around, half of it will probably spontaneously combust as soon as Psy and Steven Tyler harmonize on a single note.


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