Waifu Wednesday: Meng Jia

jia miss a cover

Meng Jia is a Chinese singer, rapper, actress and model. She is best known for being in Korean pop group Miss A where she plies her trade as the group’s main rapper and lead dancer.

Jia is fierce. Miss A seems calibrated to, at the same time, be one synchronized ball of hotness and still give each member a specific trait which distinguishes them from their group-mates. Suzy gets all the cute adoration and the saliva of an entire country. Fei is about the sexiest thing on the face of the universe. Min pretty much defines swagger. But Jia? The girl is fierce. It can be subtle, as she shares heritage with Fei and rapping duties with Min, but Jia is the total package. She dances with a confidence and viciousness that borders on violent and she embodies her moves in her vocal delivery, which cuts through Suzy and Fei’s singing with all the edge of a bowling ball of knives. She’s also kinda ridiculously hot. A hot searing knife right through the heart.


Jia is so hot that the Sun seeks shade to cool off from her.

Jia: Fei approved.

Jia: Fei approved.

Jia dancing is classified as a lethal weapon under international law.

I... just... dayum.

I… just… dayum.

Jia is so sexy that every keyboard in her immediate vicinity only has three keys: H, N, G.



Jia is so beautiful that the moon and the stars are fighting over who gets to vie for her affection first.

Wanna be that

Wanna be that veggie.

Jia could sell me dog shit and I’d call it chocolate.

The added bonus of all this...

Only thing hotter than Jia? Fei and Jia.

Jia’s swagger is so great that Kanye just felt another soul shattering quiver of inadequacy and doesn’t quite understand why.

Fei's frequent appearance is a total coincidence bee tee dubs.

Fei’s frequent appearance is a total coincidence bee tee dubs.

Jia owns so much that the term monopoly was invented to describe it.

H. N. G. H. N. G. HNG, HNG, HNG.

H. N. G. H. N. G. HNG, HNG, HNG.


scrubs spazzing



  1. You couldn’t help but throw some Fei in there too haha. Great post though, everything was very true.

    1. No lie, I was tempted to do that for every picture before I came to my (barely) better senses.

  2. Kpopluver · · Reply

    ABOUT FCKING TIME someone acknowledge Jia!! She’s a sexy badass and I love it 😍😍

    1. Sexy badass is an incredibly accurate descriptor for Jia.

  3. Confession time: one of my current debilitating mental conditions relates to the lovely Miss A Jia. Thanks (not really) to another kpop blog whenever I think of Jia the word tranny comes to mind. Clearly(?) this is not a good thing as apart from this awkward word association I think Jia is 2nd most attractive girl out of the hot 3 in MissA (sorry Min). Really think shes better than Fei (sorry Fei).
    In final analysis princess Jia is a worthy handmaiden to young queen Suzy. Also noted you avoided photos of Jia and Suzy together in order to give Jia a better chance to look Waifu-class. Appreciated.

    1. That was unintentional because all guest appearances belong to Waifu Goddess of Everything Wang Fei Fei.

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