Man Candy Mondays: Psy

psy boaws for high cut

Because why the hell not.

Park Jae-sang (aka Psy) is a South Korean singer, dancer, rapper and performer. He is best known for being a humorous performer and moderately famous Korean pop star who made some video where he pantomimes riding a horse while constantly being surrounded by hot women.

He may actually be real.

But if he is, he’s my hero.

Let’s put it like this. Before the Summer of Psy last year, the Korean rapper/singer was a bit of a novelty act, not a joke but definitely not a headliner by any means. This, despite the fact that Psy’s music and style have largely stayed consistent: loud, bombastic, fun and plainly bizarre in a way that is still accessible and poppy. “Gangnam Style” may have been the best and worst thing which could happen to someone like Psy. On the one hand, the culmination of Psy’s unique humor and addictive pop sensibilities were perfectly made for the most viral video of all time On the other hand, his relative lack of fame beforehand has pretty much doomed him to be “that Gangnam guy”. I’m sure that Psy doesn’t lose that much sleep over it though. Whenever he gets a little down over now being defined by a single dance move, Psy can always horsey dance on a big pile of money and hang out with Hyuna.

Like I said, my hero.


Psy is so boss that he checks God’s time cards on Monday morning.

Bow down to your overlord.

Bow down to your overlord.

Psy is so magical that he rides unicorns. To visit his dragons.



Psy’s fame is only eclipsed by the Sun’s shadow.

Oh hi, you may be envious now.

Oh hi, you may be envious now.

Psy’s level of ownage breaks numbers.

Not on Pys's level.

Not on Pys’s level.

Psy is so omniscient and god-like that we are all figments of his dream of which we all occupy.

Only Psy gets to live in his own heaven.

Only Psy gets to live in his own heaven.



In other news, Man Candy Mondays suggestions would be welcomed if the fact that Psy is headlining this one doesn’t make that obvious.



  1. Best one yet, finally a real man ;P and may I suggest J.Y Park next? he has a killer body or if you want some lesser mortals there’s Donghae of SJ or Jonghyun of Shinee the two dinoface brothers.

    1. Haha JYP does sound like a fun one for sure. Will definitely have to keep that one in mind.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Thanks Psy.

  3. PSY-MY BIAS. Ive been a fan since 2010 and last year he goes boom mainstream. Me: happy and then boom everyone sees him as a joke. Some of his songs before gangnam style are beautiful and musically legit.

    1. Yeah, even Psy’s other songs off the same album as Gangnam Style are legitimately good. Of course, I think Gangnam Style is a great song on its own as well, but people just loved that video so much.

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