Nicole Jung’s Statement on Leaving KARA is a Big Ball of Confusion

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It was only a matter of time before Nicole Jung would have to make a statement regarding her forthcoming split for DSP Media and, presumably, KARA as well. Nicole took to twitter in order to publish her thoughts on the matter, and well, its’ confusing as fuq on the one hand, and perfectly clear on the other. Per allkpop, with the translation:

“To my dear Kamilia,” she began:

“I’m sorry for making you worry with rumors of our re-contracting and breaking apart … and for hurting you. But I was also surprised and disbelieving at the fact that my departure and contract issues were publicized, just before our Japanese tour. But I wanted to speak my mind about the matter so I’m going to post it here.

The most important thing … I started as a KARA member and I want to see the end as a KARA member. But after reading the articles and interviews saying that I would be switched out from KARA since I wasn’t up for a contract renewal … it was very frustrating and confusing.

I think that my renewal debate with DSP Media is not a renewal as a KARA member, but as an artist. Although I may not be an artist under the company, I hope to find a solution where I can continue with the group I’ve been with since the beginning.

I’m just one person. I don’t think that KARA should change, or be broken apart, because of me. So I thought about splitting up my contracts between me as a KARA member and me in relation to the company, split between my private and public life.

I still have a lot of goals. That’s why I want to re-make myself, while doing my best within KARA. To do that, I feel that I need time and effort … that’s why I decided to not renew my personal contract with DSP, since I wanted to put that effort into my future. 

As KARA, we received much love from Kamilia and want to show a better side of us to you, but as this happening escalates and hurts you … it hurts me too. I was hurt by the stories about renewals and member changes. I don’t think that a single person owns KARA. Since I’m a member of KARA and am responsible for the name, I had the same thoughts as above. 

But if everyone and representatives of KARA disagree with me and consider this impossible, I will return to a private person by the name of Jung Nicole.

Regardless of my renewal status with the company, I promise to continue promoting as a KARA member. I do, and always will, love KARA and am happy working as a KARA member … and the group is such a big part of my life. 

Thank you so much to everyone who loves and supports us …”

First and foremost, the most important thing that Nicole states here is confirming that there is no lost love between herself and DSP Media. Even with her statements on KARA itself (more on that below), Nicole makes it perfectly clear that she’s done with DSP. Right off the bat, she states that the company essentially threw her under the bus by publicizing her departure without her knowledge, a move which is pretty predictable given the relationship between companies and talent in the K-Pop area.

The bulk of the message is part damage control and part wishful thinking. Fans of K-Pop groups are generally very apprehensive whenever a member leaves because it changes the dynamics of a group and its often the first hint of a group’s sell-by date. Being a part of KARA since the very beginning, Nicole has a stake in what she’s helped build and she obviously wouldn’t want to see her peers’ careers derailed by her personal choices. Also, she understandably wants to avoid the ire of the more intense sectors of netizen communities and those within the Korean entertainment industry if she does want to continue to have a career in that field after this (a thought which Nicole doesn’t seem too tied to in the above statement).

But even Nicole has to know, in spite of her stated intentions here, that the idea of her getting her own private representation while still promoting with KARA is a non-starter. There is no way that DSP Media (or anyone else) allows that precedence to be set. The labels’ most effective leveraging mechanism is their contract control over talent and Nicole ain’t the girl who’s going to break that wall down, even if KARA is pretty much DSP Media’s gravy train. Frankly, Nicole has a better chance starting her own independent record label than promoting with KARA while under a different label and/or representation firm.

So, seeing as the contract situation between Nicole and DSP Media is intractable, we may all cry buckets for the fact that “Mr.” will never be the same.

Waving into the night.

Waving into the night.


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  1. James Watts · · Reply

    Hi I’m from America and I think any decision you make is up to you.

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