Nicole Jung to Pursue Solo Activities Says Rumors Because of Course They Do

nicole jung live

There is a far off hint of hope for those that love Nicole Jung and all of her awe-inspiring butt shakes. The soon-to-be ex-member of KARA is rumored to be pursuing solo activities after she’s finished her contract with DSP Media, thus potentially saving the world from the dark, dark place of no Nicole in K-Pop.

And I'm dizzy.

And I’m dizzy.

Of course, these are just industry rumors which have about much weight to them as Core Content Media press releases, but take it for what you will, per allkpop:

According to multiple sources in the industry, “After the upcoming performance in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan on November 24, Nicole plans to leave KARA and pursue solo activities.”  Nicole had a contract with DSP Media until January of next year, but without a renewal, she is going in the direction of a solo career.

There are a couple of reasons to be skeptical about this. First, as much as people love Nicole (and how could you not?), there has been little to no buzz or calls from netizens or elsewhere to see Nicole go solo. Though, to be fair to Nicole, her solo effort for “Lost” trumps the other solo efforts put forth by KARA for their solo collection album:

She’s always been an incredibly cheery, but always more popular for being in KARA than as an idol herself. Nicole was never a scene stealer, and she seemed perfectly fine blending in with whatever concept KARA threw at her, playing a good balancing weight between Gyuri and Seungyeon’s powerful chops and Jiyoung and Hara’s softer voices (both Hara and Jiyoung were starting to eat into Nicole’s rapping verses as well). There has just been nothing about Nicole that has screamed “HER GROUP IS HOLDING HER BACK” like, say, Hyorin. If she wanted to continue to promote and be in the Korean entertainment industry, staying in KARA would have been a far better choice.

Hell, Nicole already seems to have a viable career outside of grinding her skills to the bone anyways. Just let her bake cookies in peace.

This does not mean that Nicole SHOULDN’T make a go at a solo career. The world will be in her debt forever if she did because this:

Is a gift from the gods above that should never go to waste.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I hope you’ve seen that dance battle all the way through. She has some good butt maneuvers, but boy does she get crushed by the other 3. Dat Minzy skill.

    1. I have seen the whole thing… multiple times haha. Yes, from a dancing perspective Minzy kills it. From a pure O_O perspective though, NICOLE DEAR LAWD.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Ha! That dance battle was one of the first things I happened upon when kpop took me over, I didn’t even realize it was Nicole! I always remember Nicole helping Hara during IY, and I liked her on Star Golden Bell too. She seems pretty awesome, smart, hot, good luck to her! Perhaps she wants a life sans kpop…the horror! Oh and I thought HyunA was the battle winner but its probably just that damn bias thing again.

    1. Biases show strongly on that. It’s like a bias Rorschach test. For me, Nicole wins followed by Ga-In, because even though Ga-In seems the most disinterested, it somehow works in her favor. Hyuna knows how to gyrate and Minzy popped and locked her way through it.

      As for Nicole, I think she’s just going to take her earnings and adoration and quietly build a cookie empire.

    2. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

      I thought Minzy won just because of the skill that style of dance involves, however Hyuna was a very close second and I would love the crap out of 4 minute if she danced and acted in that style during their songs. It was so intense and I loved it. For me Nicole was just buuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttt, and Gain humped the wall alot.

      1. I agree with everything here and put Nicole first followed by Ga-In.

  3. Im hoping. If a used-up Kahi can do it solo style then theres hope for cheerful and sexy Nicole.

    1. The big difference is that Kahi played the good soldier after “graduating” from After School and stayed under Pledis and waited until her company gave her the OK to come back. Nicole is breaking away from DSP so it will be interesting to see if anyone will pick her up (should she want to continue being a pop star).

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