Nicole Jung to Leave KARA, Lovers of Butt Dances Everywhere Weep


In the saddest of sad news, DSP Media has announced that while Gyuri, Seungyeon and Hara have all determined to ride the KARA train until they presumably keel over and die, Jiyoung is contemplating whether to go solo or go to school and Nicole Jung is leaving KARA for good.

For those that appreciate “Mr.” for all of its’ glorified aesthetics, this is difficult to take.

Per allkpop:

DSP Media announced through an official press release, “We are announcing our official position on the matter of Nicole’s domestic contract with DSP Media.”

“Gyuri, Seungyeon, and Hara have all renewed their contract for another 2 years, and have decided to conduct their future activities with DSP… The contract for Jiyoung, different from the other members, will end in April and she has decided to think more about her life’s path, her singing career, and education.”

“Nicole has revealed that she has no intention to renew her contract with DSP and thus her contract will expire in January as originally scheduled,” the agency stated, thereby indirectly stating that Nicole will no longer be a member of KARA once the contract ends.

The worst part is that those who have a certain, erhm, bias for Nicole (that would be me) will have to find a new bias within the group.

Farewell, sweet butt.

Farewell, sweet butt.

Hopefully Nicole will finally be able to sleep for a whole night and hopefully DSP Media is able to find a replacement who can shake it as well as the soon-to-be-departed rapper.


You will be missed.



  1. I do hate to be crude but Nicoles ass is one of the best things about kara. This loss could cripple the group. Boo hiss. Those other kara chicks better step up their game.

    1. Co-signed. KARA will still be alright but losing Nicole, especially as K-Pop popularity appears to be transitioning to younger groups now, will hurt.

  2. Nicole was the only one I could fully say I actually liked (even prior to the scandal) just because she looked the sweetest. Gyuri was the next in line but honestly… meh, she wasn’t as highly likable as Nicole.

    I really give Nicole my best wishes in her solo career.

    1. Nicole always seemed to be the sweetest to me too, though that could just be because she’s from America and thus I could inevitably understand more of what she was saying (also, she seems like an adorable spazz). Gyuri is my second favorite personality in KARA due to her salty/sweet nature and the fact that the rest of KARA just seem to be pleasant.

  3. My gut feeling is that the lawsuit (spearheaded by Nicole, apparently) from two years ago was never truly settled. They probably carried whatever resentment they had against the company for the past two years and planned on leaving all along.

    1. Lord knows she’s been doing this long enough too. Wonder if this means a solo career or a retirement from the biz. If it is about her contract, and with how small that industry is, I wonder if someone will pick her up if she does want to continue. I hope she just takes a long and extended break to sleep a lot and stuff her face with food though (every variety show that girl did, she was sneaking off and snacking on something).

  4. Awwwwwwwwww! That slaps my butt too hard and too much after reading news that Nicole and Jiyoung will soon leave the group!

  5. Oh god no! D’x She’s my favorite member, ass, singing, rapping, personality and face! Everything about her ;_; I hope she continues with a solo career. She’s too good to retire! If she went solo, my dream would come true.

    By the way, guys, Seungyeon deserves more love (she’s my second favorite). Gyuri is awesome (cutest voice), but Seungyeon is so sweet with that smile 😀 And her powerful voice!

    1. Hammie is the best Hammie. I tend to go Nicole, Gyuri then Seungyeon but there’s hardly a wrong answer in Kara.

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