Waifu Wednesday: IU

iu modern times cover

Lee Ji-eun (better known as IU) is a South Korean singer and actress. She is best known for being a good solo singer, and for being the Nation’s LIttle Sister, up until she may or may not have gotten all up close and personal with Eunhyuk.

IU is as cute as button and that has long been her greatest strength and her biggest flaw. The girl can straight up belt it with the best that K-Pop has to offer but the little Disney Princess of K-Pop who can sing any note has long been stuck in one note concepts where she’s released either spunky K-Pop fluff (“Good Day”, “You and I”) or airy ballads and ditties (basically everything on Spring of a Twenty Year Old).

After exhausting the arsenal of different sounds that she could for lead singles (IU has done some really nice sultry jazz stuff like “4 AM”, but never as a single), all that is left for IU to do is expand her range into “dark and sexy” or whatever “Between the Lips” is supposed to mean (cough cough). And based on how things are going so far, it looks like she’ll adapt to singing about what’s between her lips just as easily as she took to being the virginal K-Pop superstar.

It’s about time.

Because this shit:



needed to go awhile ago.


IU is so cute that bunnies want to kill her and be her at the same time.

Getting sugar crashes from the sweetness.

Getting sugar crashes from the sweetness.

IU is so beautiful that she causes more traffic accidents than cell phones.

Getting warmer...

Getting warmer…

IU’s talent level is so high that it needs to be measured in light years.

RIde 'em cowgirl.

RIde ’em cowgirl.

IU gets more uncle fans’ blood pumping than Viagra.

IU lives in a fairy tale. No effects were used in the making of this selca.

IU lives in a fairy tale. No effects were used in the making of this selca.

IU is such a great singer that whales, dolphins and hummingbirds all flock to her call.

Also, currently jacking Suzy's swag.

Also, currently jacking Suzy’s swag.

IU’s hotness is bursting forth like a supernova.

Came a long way from that maid outfit.

Came a long way from that maid outfit.


my body is ready



  1. About damn time. My #1 K-pop bias.

    1. Really, IU? Would have never guessed. She’s so… sweet that she almost never enters my mind as someone to spazz over haha. Much more likely to go “awwwwwww” than “ZOMG SO HAWT”

      1. I agree. But I’m more infatuated with the cute ones than the hot ones, I guess.

        Besides – aren’t sweetness and cuteness the qualities more befitting a “waifu” than some sexpot?

      2. Ehh, in the infinite wisdom of O-Town I want it all or nothing at all haha. I guess I do lean towards “sexpot” in my biases though. Cutes cool too, but it’s more hit or miss than hnnnnnngggg tends to be.

  2. I love this girl. So cute. She once gently spanked Suzy on tv.

    1. Just displaying her dominance.

    2. NO WAI OMGGG 80

  3. I guess I never thought of iu in that way. You know, because if there’s such a thing as the embodiment of cuteness, IU is it. Like if she could be my unnie id squee out loud, only I’d be dead by then from having committed suicide at having seen how cute she is in person and how hopeless it is to match her. I mean. THE CUTE. No one else can match our iu unnie in cuteness or talent. 80

  4. ever since 23 came out, i’m her biggest fan. what a cute badass

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