Man Candy Mondays: Lee Min Ho

lee min ho esquire

Lee Min Ho is a South Korean actor and singer. He is best known for (in order of importance) once dating Park Min Young, being the lead in the smash hit K-Drama Boys Over Flowers and the lead in City Hunter (which also had Park Min Young).

Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular actors in K-Dramas which makes sense because he’s pretty and can do an incredible “blank slate/stodgy face”, a prerequisite for any Korean Drama where the lead male character has to be either completely devoid of personality or an unnecessarily sneering asshat. Min Ho knocks those roles out of the park, going with the blank slate in City Hunter while playing the asshat to perfection in Boys Over Flowers. If it sounds like this is a critique, it’s not. It is a tricky balancing act to squeeze any sympathy out of this kind of role, but Lee Min Ho is able to convey just enough vulnerability in his acting so that he comes off as “misunderstood android who just needs the pretty lady to teach him the feels”. Also, the guy has got to work with Lee Min Jung, Park Shin Hye and date freaking Park Min Young, so he’s MAI HERO as far as I’m concerned. Also, he’s handsome and has abs. So there.


Lee Min Ho is so handsome that the Mirror Mirror on the wall just went gay for him.

More suave than the shampoo aisle.

More suave than the shampoo aisle.

Lee Min Ho is so hot that his gaze boils water.

Also incinerates shirts.

Also incinerates shirts.

Lee Min Ho’s farts makes puppies squeal with joy.

That smile powers small countries.

That smile powers small countries.

Lee Min Ho made a deal with the devil for his career. And won.

Yup, Satan got beat at his own game.

Yup, Satan got beat at his own game.

Lee Min Ho has been surrounded by more pretty in his life than the Milky Way has been surrounded by stars.

I ain't even mad (jealous is another story).

I ain’t even mad (jealous is another story).

Lee Min Ho is living a life so charmed that leprechauns are besides themselves with jealousy.

This post was definitely not an excuse to post more Korean actresses. Nope, not at all.

This post was definitely not an excuse to post more Korean actresses. Nope, not at all.





  1. It took me to watch faith to become his fan,lol I found him annoying after BOF and didn’t know what the big fuss with him was about. Of course I should have realized then that I hated his character in the drama and not him,lol now after faith…oh gosh that man smiles and I melt,lol

    1. I was lucky in some regards. I saw City Hunter first and he played a decent enough character in that. Then I watched BOF and even though I knew he was acting, he did a hell of a good job of being unbearable haha.

      1. I didn’t and still haven’t seen city hunter, but I did watch part of Personal Taste and thought he was ok in it but I was still eh about him,lol But I do realize now that he’s just good at being a jerk,lol

  2. I smh watched all his dramas and always felt for the second leads well because he never got a role that made me pity him even in city hunter. Heirs tho is definitely doing it for me. His acting so far is meh but the character is what Im liking. Its SO RARE to find a nice and human-like Chaebol in kdramas since always.

  3. Omg he was amazing in FAITH and CITY HUNTER!!! I cannot begin to tell you just how much of an actor he is. First I loved him for his characters but now I love him the more for his personality. He is so adorkable and humble and that smile is just ibcredible! Cannot wait to see him in gangnam blues!!

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