IU and Ga-In are the New K-Pop Odd Couple of Awesome for the “Everybody Has Secrets” Teaser


IU’s transition from K-Pop Disney Princess to Mature Pop Force That You Should Take Seriously is in full swing with her latest video teaser for “Everybody Has Secrets”, where IU gets all close and personal with Ga-In.

This is ,at once, the hype-est comeback and the most orderly one in IU’s career as well. Every pop star, especially solo artists who debut as young adults, eventually have to transition to be more “serious” and “artistic” or some shit that presumes that these pop stars mature in a way that can be reflected in their company’s music release schedule.

But, for all the reasons that there are to be dubious about these inevitable transitions, IU is off to fantastic start with her comeback as demonstrated by her music video teaser for “Everybody Has Secrets”:

IU still looks a little like a girl playing dress up, but there’s no lie in the fact that bringing Ga-In along for the ride ups the sex level dramatically. There’s no one quite like Ga-In who can just show up to a stage and suddenly make the whole room ooze with sensuality, even when being teamed up with the equivalent of Korea’s Snow White. I for one welcome the burgeoning brave new age of “IU, a Woman Who Feels Things. Sexually.”



  1. Love everything about these teasers so far. I have no doubt IU will deliver.

    1. Musically, she’s already shown she’s capable of a more mature sound. I have confidence that she’ll be just fine.

  2. stupid thing is–she was well on her way to a ‘mature’ career even with the tinge of overly innocent with
    ..she was much more than that bubblegum pop but all they took to boost her were those strong tones. could’ve eased her and she wouldn’t be so dressed up now. but i guess that’s just how you play the business game. the more contrast the better.

    i await the time she returns to those songs.
    i don’t hate her current(?) style. i just simply love the other so much more.
    while the visual helps(for once?), the song itself, melody or what, just not my taste? doesn’t really appeal and is kinda annoying.

    just saying too but. you don’t need makeup to show you feel things. sexually.

    1. The song is rather, I’ll just say restrained for now. Hopefully the teaser is just that and not a highlight of the final product.

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