T-ara’s Soyeon’s Been Getting It on the Regular for the Past Three Years

Packing more heat than an army,

It has just come to light that T-ara’s main vocalist Soyeon has been dating Oh Jong Hyuk for the past three years.

The most surprising thing about this news is that it didn’t leak out of Core Content Media a lot faster, as that agency handles things about as well as Soyeon’s legion of fans will handle this news. Per allkpop:

‘Sports Seoul’ is the one to break the exclusive this time as they have released photos of Soyeon and the former Click B member recently celebrating their 1000th day together with friends including J-Walk’s Jang Su Won at a coffee shop in Gangnam on the 23rd.

Soyeon previously revealed herself to be a fan of Click B since her youth when the two appeared together on ‘Star Golden Bell’ back in November 2010. They also were on ‘Bouquet’ together on December 26 2010. The two’s relationship, which began as that of a fan and a star, progressed into that of a couple on December 28th of 2010. Even while Oh Jong Hyuk was serving in the army, he and Soyeon remained firm, successfully withstanding the time apart from one another.

According to ‘Sports Seoul’, DSP Media confirmed their relationship status and stated, “Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon are meeting well. Oh Jong Hyuk, who has good manners and has a kind personality, fell for Soyeon’s cute charms. Please watch over them beautifully.”Core contents Media also apparently confirmed, “Their parents and families are aware of their relationship. Oh Jong Hyuk and Soyeon are carefully dating and they ask for your support.” 

Good for both of them (go get dat diq Soyeon), and a personal high five to Oh Jonh Hyuk for somehow avoiding Kim Kwang Soo’s personal assassins for as long as he has. With the increasing amount of “meh” that this type of news is met with (though some, like Hara, had to deal with an unfortunate amount of backlash AFTER her break up, but not for the actual relationship thing itself), it will be interesting to see how netizens react to Soyeon’s news considering that she’s been in this one for quite a while AND, well, she’s a member of T-ara.

No matter what, one thing is for certain. It will be entertaining. Get your popcorn ready.


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  1. Ray Soyeons · · Reply

    Love that girl.

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