Man Candy Mondays: Lee Junho

junho abs

Lee Junho is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. He is best known for being a vocalist in K-Pop’s living embodiment of man sex, 2PM.

Junho is (to this one writer) often overlooked in 2PM because has so many abs that they all start to blend together into a slurry of chiseled hunkiness. Taecyeon may be the presumptive popular pretty boy, and Changsung makes ovaries sing for joy, but let it be remembered that Junho beat both of them in Superstar Survival, the reality show that launched Junho’s career and got him his contract with JYP Entertainment. As if his killer smile and general sexiness, he’s also a bit of a gentle soul, as Junho is also an avid animal activist who loves kitties (relax dude, at some point it’s just overkill). So, don’t overlook Junho. His abs and talents are at least as good as any in the K-Pop landscape.


Junho is so cute that kittens organize rallies to celebrate him.

Dat smile could melt ice caps.

Dat smile could melt ice caps.

Junho is so talented that Renaissance men study him in high school.

More boss than a CEO.

More boss than a CEO.

Lee Junho causes more sonic booms of screaming than the Air Force.

Junho is unimpressed with your adulation.

Junho is unimpressed with your adulation.

Junho’s level of sexiness is higher than the Tower of Babel.

Hear that? It's the sound of the world's panties dropping.

Hear that? It’s the sound of the world’s panties dropping.

Junho’s body is God’s perfect creation which He has never been able to duplicate.




fan spazz


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  1. He was one of the most underrated idols but I’m glad that now he is getting some recognitions. He just had a succesful solo debut in Japan with an album and concerts. He also had just debuted as a movie actor. He is the most talented in 2PM. He can dance and sing well. I want a Korean solo debut for him. He could be ala Rain for his generation. :))

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