A Member of Girl’s Day Will Make Her Solo Debut (It’s Going to be Minah)

girls day expectation cover take two

Dream Tea Entertainment is trying to hype up an upcoming solo release by a Girl’s Day member by not divulging who will actually be headlining the single which will come out in November.

It’s cute and everything, but it’s gotta be Minah, right? Per allkpop:

Girl’s Day’s reps announced, “One member of Girl’s Day will release a single this November and begin promoting as a solo artist. We are currently discussing which member will meet fans with a solo track…”

They also revealed that they were preparing a solo debut to thank fans for their tremendous support of the group’s releases. “The Girl’s Day member’s upcoming solo activities are meant to return the big love that was given by fans for ‘Expectation‘, ‘Female President‘ and ‘Please Tell Me‘, which were released back-to-back from this past March to July. We’re currently working hard to prepare a track for one Girl’s Day member.”

Putting aside the fact that it’s fairly obvious who will be tapped to head the solo effort (MINAH), let’s look at the prospective candidates and why they may be chosen (MINAH) or not (NOT MINAH).

The Tumblr/Internet/Fanboi Pick: Yura

yura expectation girls day

The appeal of Yura getting a solo effort are fairly obvious (and could be gif’d forever). However, her limited vocal skills can’t be masked if it’s just her on stage and no amount of hnnnnnggg will cover that up. Plus, there are plenty of Yura dedicated fan cams out there. Just take your pick.

The Tabloid Pick (aka the Kim Kwang Soo special): Hyeri

hyeri expectation girls day

It wouldn’t be a disaster, but the maknae getting a solo effort over her older (and more talented) members would be sure to spark controversy faster than it took Tony to date Hyeri on the regular. Hyeri can do some good things, but carrying a song isn’t one of them (yet).

The Overlooked Supernova of Awesome: Sojin


Take Yura’s obivous appeal. Now add vocal chops. That is Sojin in a nutshell. It could be her (and it should be her, as Sojin is the steadying presence that allows Minah to go all out in her performances). She may not get the spotlight that the presumptive favorite gets, but Sojin absolutely could headline a solo effort.

The Juggernaut Pick: Minah

Girl's Day Minah Expectation photos

It’s going to be her, why tease it at all? Minah wails with an enthusiasm that is rarely matched. Sure, she has pitch issues but her joy is infectious and is made for center stage. She is already very popular and Dream Tea never passes up a moment to showcase Minah. Just dispense with the cute hype Dream Tea. Call it for Minah.


  1. They should do a duet, a la Sistar19 — Yura and Minah.

  2. The way they teased this makes me think they want us to be somewhat surprised.

    Therefore, I think Sojin will be the one.

    She could easily solo.

    1. I really, really hope you’re right. Sojin for President of Girl’s Day.

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