Justin Bieber to Possibly, Maybe Collaborate with Psy, G-Dragon in God’s Version of Perverse Fan Fiction


For fans of incredibly shallow and massively produced pop music (and if you’re here, I’m counting you in whether you like it or not) designed to be consumed in the time it takes to finish this sentence, this will be welcomed news. Justin Bieber hinted at the fact that he may perform with Psy and G-Dragon when he has his first concert in Seoul.

Get your “October 10th NEVAR FORGET” shirts ready.

The Biebs left a tweet which will either lead to a level of fangirling which causes the death of an entire stadium of people from all the earth shattering screaming that will happen at a single point or it will be the worst case of disappointed blue balls… which will lead to the death of an entire stadium of people from all the earth shattering screaming at a single point.

Either way, expect plenty of tears and trauma.

Per the Biebs:

In my heart of hearts, there is an inventive mashup of “Baby” and “Gangnam Style” which will be the highlight of pop music’s existence (it will be called “Heeeeyyyyyy, Sexy Baby”), transcending everything from “Hound Dog” to “Abbey Road” and “Hey Ya”, after which music can simply shut itself down.

Either way, RIP to everyone who dares to go to that clusterfuck concert.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I can’t really knock Psy because he is the reason I am here now. He was the gateway via Waveya that brought me to my obsession over SNSD and honestly I thank him for it. Was Gangnam Style kind of dumb, sure. But it was fun nonetheless. Hopefully GDragon schools him if they perform together. Do Koreans really like Bieber? Kpop is good compared to N.A. pop music. I wonder if they realize that?

    1. Early Bieber rivals most K-Pop in terms of sheer sickly sweet addictiveness that is fun and kind of dumb, minus the stupidly hot women involved.

      As a side note, good god Waveya is freaking ridiculous. They save the whole dance cover concept thing all by themselves.

  2. I think Psy is amazing (minus Gentleman). But I really can’t think of a way that Biebs + Psy + GD can work out well — they’re all massively popular, but have different appeals. I hope they surprise me.

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