Miss A’s Suzy Says “Fuq It” to Idol Star Athletic Championships

Rock on

Miss A’s Suzy took part in the Idol Star Athletic Championships, a contrived event where K-Pop idols gather together to compete in various athletic competitions for some reasons which are abundantly unclear.

Of course, because this event has nothing to do with why any of these impossibly pretty people are popular in the first place, it leads to a pretty pertinent question of what the whole point of this extravaganza is, other than to see Bora squash everything in her path. Luckily for those who love a good trolling (and who doesn’t?), Miss A’s Suzy highlighted the pointlessness of this whole event, per allkpop:

One outlier, however, was miss A‘s Suzy — who decided to take it easy for this year, leisurely coasting to the finish line of the 200m speedwalking relay competition.

Going up against Girl’s Day, the girls of miss A declared war on their fellow idol group, but ended up losing thanks to Suzy’s glacially slow walking speed — despite her earlier statement to “go home with at least one medal”.

Of course, there are a couple of possibilities for why Suzy would do this. “UNNIR COULD HAVE BEEN INJURED” is one. “SUZY UNNIR DID IT TO MAKE YURA UNNIR FEEL GOOD AFTER YURA UNNIR CAUGHT SHIT FOR DARING TO LOOK AT SUZY WITHOUT WETTING HERSELF” is another. The most likely reason is that this is a meaningless exercise which will have no impact whatsoever on Suzy’s job status at JYP Entertainment as The Nation’s First Lust Love, so why bother. Good for her.

I just hope that she was the living embodiment of this, because if anyone can get away with not giving a shit about idol pageantry bullshit, it’s Suzy:




  1. i know are you haters of suzy wkwkwk,say a abal fei and lizzy biased,haters gona hate wkwkwk

  2. suji-ah fighting,you are the best beautiful girl’s,uri maknae:)

  3. I would love to see Suzy strutting to the finish line like that GIF, but after looking at the video, I think the Allkpop writer pulled this story out of their ass:

    1. Yeah, probably too good to be true. Oh well, Suzy almost did something cool.

  4. cute^^yeppeo

  5. Suzy does have a heck of a lot more sexy meat on her bones than most other kpoptarts. Nice how she is no1 love of a nation.

    1. She’s very pretty. Give me Fei any day though.

  6. judith · · Reply

    I love u so much suzy keep on fighting am 1 of ur great fan I love everything u do I will never hate u

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