Waifu Wednesday: Park Soyeon

soyeon cover

Park In-Jung (aka Soyeon) is a South Korean idol, singer, dancer and actress. She is best known for being the main bully vocalist of T-ara.

It is a damn shame that Soyeon couldn’t have been a third member of duo DaVichi because her talents are squandered in T-ara. To call Soyeon the “main vocalist” in T-ara is a bit of an understatement as (with the departure of Ahreum), she’s pretty much the only person that T-ara can turn to for actual singing chops. Instead, Soyeon has to deal with the same incompetent management that DaVichi does, but she also has to deal with the unrolling clusterfuck that trails T-ara like the stank of a coat made up of dead skunk carcasses. Weirdly enough, she almost had her chance to have professional management as a trainee when she was slated to debut with SNSD (is there any other greater “What if?” scenario in K-Pop than the Power of 10?), but she dropped out of the group due to personal reasons. Not so lucky for Soyeon, but very lucky for CCM and T-ara, who ride Soyeon’s vocals during ballads like Miley rides a wrecking ball. You know. If a wrecking ball was also as cute as a button.


Soyeon is so cute that stuffed animals want her for Christmas.

She did it. She made aegyo cute.

She did it. She made aegyo cute.

Soyeon’s vocal talents are recorded and practiced by the choir of angels.

Sad that no one can achieve her skill level.

Sad that no one can achieve her skill level.

Soyeon is so beautiful that flowers self-immolate out of shame and inadequacy in her presence.

"Kill yo'selves"

“Kill yo’selves”

Soyeon is so boss that gods and goddesses take her appointments for her.

Packing more heat than an army,

Packing more heat than an army,

Soyeon’s beauty is not so much seen as it is felt in the soul.



T-ara comebacks are to be celebrated for the following things: Netizen rage, Soyeon, CCM flailing about, Eunjung, Kim Kwang Soo bluster, Soyeon and Soyeon.

Who knew that heaven had such dingy walls?

Who knew that heaven had such dingy walls?

Soyeon is so hot that she is the third leading cause of global warming.

Killing me softly.

Killing me softly.


citizen kane gif



  1. Been recently watching old Tara vids, good stuff, I hate KKS even more.
    Have to correct you tho, Soyeon is not #1 bully(Jiyeon). Soy-girl is maybe #3 bully, thats not so bad.
    Also Soyeon is pretty sexy but most people just focus on the “cold, dead eyes” and not her curvyish body and plump bottom.
    T-ara fighting!
    ps thanks for finally getting round to waifu-ing T-ara. My vote for next one is sexy villain Jiyeon.

    1. Haha, I called her #1 because she was the leader of T-ara at that time (arguably she’s number four in the bully rankings as I believe that Jiyeon, Eunjung and Hyomin got the brunt of the netizen freak out).

      I have been slow to Waifu T-ara now that I think about it. Considering that they make an inordinate amount of my favorite K-Pop material, that will have to be corrected moving forward (it’s gonna be Jiyeon or Qri next. Qri could use some love).

      1. Qri is also a good choice. I really fell for her after seeing old live performances of Cry Cry.

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