SNSD and Samantha Thavasa Jeans to Rake In All the Monies Off of “Galaxy Supernova”

snsd samantha thalvasa jeans

In what must be the most obvious and genius marketing move in the history of mankind, SNSD and Samantha Thavasa Jeans combined forces to showcase the true highlight of “Galaxy Supernova“: SNSD in dem jeans.

Has there ever been such synergistic cross-brand promotion in the history of advertising? The only thing that comes close is the NFL and Cialis commercials and that particular combination isn’t nearly as fun or sexy (unless you like old diq. Then more power to you). Props go out to Samantha Thavasa, which is a brand that does handbags (I guess?) but then probably saw “Gee” or “Galaxy Supernova” and thought they could make some quick cash off some jeans too. Also, in nine different colors, because why the hell not go all the way in riding SNSD’s jock, per allkpop:

Girls’ Generation looked beyond gorgeous in their figure-flattering jeans as they moved their hips along to “Galaxy Supernova“. They also modeled the brand’s cute pink handbags, completing their fabulous look!

Global handbag brand ‘Samantha Thavasa’ has launched a line called ‘Samantha Thavasa Jeans’ in Japan, and there’s no one better than these ladies to model its brand new line of skinny jeans, which come in 9 different colors.

Bah golly, it’s like SNSD took the best parts of “Gee”, combined it with the awesomeness of the miliitaryesque outfits of “Genie”, put a J-Pop spin on it and killed everything around them in 30 seconds flat.

You're killing me, smallz.

You’re killing me, smallz.


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