Clara Lee Dun Goofed On Her Apology and Netizens Ruin Everything

first look clara lee

The only thing worse than Clara Lee’s apology is the fact that she had to give it in the first place.

But man was her apology and subsequent actions afterwards bizarrely awful from a PR perspective.

For those who are uninformed, entertainer/actress/unfairly hot yoga model Clara has been under fire recently for *gasp LYING on variety shows, which is what pretty much every idol does anyways (every forced laugh by an idol is oh so adorable though). Such accusations have ranged from the pernicious lying about celebrity boyfriends to the ultimate horror of lying about liking chicken and beer. HOW CAN YOU HATE BEER CLARA.

So, how did Clara respond? With the worst apology ever, per allkpop:

Is it a lie to say I like chicken and beer because I’m with good friends in a nice atmosphere, even though I actually don’t like chicken and beer?  Is it a lie to be good at yoga when I was never taught it?  Is it a lie to say I never dated another celebrity because I didn’t want to mention my past celebrity boyfriend?

The problem Clara is… little closer now… IT IS LYING.

The more appropriate response would have been to point out, who gives a flying fuq.

Chicken and beer? No different than everyone’s precious unnirs and oppars having to pretend to not be repulsed by drooling fan bois and fan gurls at signing events.

Good at yoga? Own that shit, no need to pretend that you had to train to be ungodly flexible and make the exercise as pleasurable to watch as it is to do.

Something something flexible something something stiff.

Something something flexible something something stiff.

Celebrity boyfriend? Eh, he’s already gotten all the high-fives from his buddies so there’s no need to divulge further. Should have just said, “I had a celebrity boyfriend, now guess who” and watched her name trend so hard while netizens gnashed their teeth and cried about “Y SHE SO POPULAR” while indirectly adding to her popularity.

Instead, we get this defiant non-apology that admits to everything that netizens hounded her about with nothing about WHY it’s stupid that this became an issue anyways. All it did was validate the stuff as Something Important.

The most tragic thing about all of this is that Clara, or her agency, then wiped her twitter account, thus robbing the world of her copious amounts of selcas and behind the scene photo shoots.

Why can’t we have nice things in this world?

Once again, netizens are the worst.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    Netizens, you have been bad. I’ll take away your clara pictures.

    *And then the internet cried*

    1. I am a torrent of tears right now.

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