Waifu Wednesday: Kim Boa

kim boa tonight cover

Kim Boa is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known as one of the main vocalists of K-Pop awesome-sauce group SPICA.

Kim Boa is not only a power singer, but a teacher. Before being a main vocalist in a group seemingly composed of main vocalists, Boa was vocal trainer for Infinite, Rainbow and KARA who were all lucky enough to have Boa’s vocal wisdom and glorious legs descend upon them. Boa’s transformation to ZOMG SO HAWT K-Pop star had its ups and downs as the group originally seemed to want to fashion her in mostly ill-fitting tom-boyish stylings and clothes. Then “I’ll Be There” happened, followed by “Lonely” and it became very clear: you can’t hide dat sexiness. Kim Boa is K-Pop’s well kept secret, somehow the best combination of talent and hnngg that hasn’t blown up yet.


Kim Boa is so glorious that staring at her for too long burns her image into the retina.

So blindingly beautiful.

So blindingly beautiful.

Boa is so talented that her diary scraps are fought over by poets the world over.

Take a backseat Hyori.

Take a backseat Hyori.

Boa is so hot that she boils water with a whisper.

Basic need not apply.

Basic need not apply.

Boa makes me so stupid that I need rounded edges on furniture when thinking of her.

Everything about this is yes.

Everything about this is yes.

Boa is what happens when God is in a good mood for that one second out of a thousand decades.

Some girls get all of God's love.

Some girls get all of God’s love.

Boa inspires more awe than Jesus riding a T-Rex adorned with space lasers.

Well, guess I gotta go apply to Cambridge now.

Well, guess I gotta go apply to Cambridge now.


jlaw fangirling



  1. I didn’t know she was a vocal trainer.

    I’ve noticed that she is good friends with Nicole from Kara. I guess that’s the connection.

    1. Yeah, could probably play six degrees of Kim Boa and hit everyone in the K-Pop industry.

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