Clara Lee Will Cause All the Netizen Rage Boners with Esquire Magazine

clara lee esquire

Clara Lee did a photo shoot with Esquire Magazine, which should only add to the netizen uproar over Clara’s sexiness being too much for their delicate sensibilities to handle.

So, Clara Lee is being called out by netizens, who can only handle so much bewb before their brains short-circuit, for supposed discrepancies in answers she gave on variety programs. This is in spite of the fact that anyone who has ever been on those things has lied about not dating and not being PERFECT UNNIRS AND OPPARS of virginal purity for netizens’ deranged fantasies. Internet detectives were able to drag up such scandalous material such as Clara stating that she did not like chicken and beer on one program and then eating chicken and beer on another program, which obviously means that Clara is a slut an untrustworthy shrew bent on fooling a gullible public into giving her all of its money.

No, really.

This is a “hot issue” to netizens that even allkpop can see through:

Although she’s received a lot of love rising to stardom thanks to her sexy image, she’s also been met with negativity as well. Most of the backlash she’s received from netizens are due to her multiple mentions of wanting to be recognized for her acting rather than her sexy image, but yet continues to put on tight clothing and participate in sexy pictorials.

In other words, Clara could renounce chicken and beer for the rest of her life and netizens wouldn’t let her live it down because Clara doin’ her thang causes them to lose too much blood through their noses.

Esquire will probably kill some of them from blood loss with Clara’s latest pictorial spread and while I never condone murder, there is always an exception to the rule and this is it.

I welcome my impending death by Clara.

I welcome my impending death by Clara.

So, this is what heaven looks like I take it.

So, this is what heaven looks like I take it.



  1. I don’t see how you can still like her after netizens revealed that she fibbed about coming up with the idea of threading spaghetti though sausage chunks.

    What a fraud!

    1. The nerve of that girl! Ick, how can I ever appreciate such a lying… drooooooollll.

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