Girl’s Day Will Ruin Your Date and Destroy Your Family for BHC Chicken

girls day chicken cops

Girl’s Day has released their first commercials for BHC Chicken, and who knew that destroying people’s lives for eating the “wrong” fried chicken could be so sexy and adorable looking.

Girl’s Day may try to mask their pain-inducing intentions through the excuse of etiquette, but the group is all to eager to wreck havoc on a public that is ill-prepared to deal with such a strict, law and order police force.

Per allkpop, here’s the “context” for Girl’s Days’ merciless domination of a couple of poor souls:

In the first CF clip, the girls arrest a man who attempted to receive a kiss by utilizing the spicy sauce from the chicken left on his face. While in the second one, the girls storm into the home of a man who was caught eating the pickled side dish with his hands.

Oh please. Here’s the first video, where Girl’s Day cock blocks a date that seems to be going perfectly well:

And here’s Girl’s Day causing irreparable psychological harm to a child by taking her father away and probably banishing her to state-run foster care:


In totally unrelated news, I am going to buy hot sauce and smear it all over my face and pickle enough radishes to feed an army.

Which I will then spill on the floor.

Please arrest me Girl’s Day.

I have been a very bad boy.

I have been a very bad boy.



  1. Hey Yellow Slug, I’m a big fan of your blog! I just want to say… I know Girl’s Day is smoking hot and everything and no one loves fried chicken more than I do, but I’ve been patiently waiting for your review’s of GDs solos this week! I think his “Crooked” is excellent, but your opinion is gold 🙂

    1. Thanks!

      Tomorrow for sure (maybe tonight depending) haha. The week has been a busy one for me and SNSD and KARA kept me on top of my toes. I’ll tackle GD this weekend. So much going on in the world of K-Pop right now.

  2. As good as Girl’s Day looks, that fried chicken looks even better. Damn that looks delicious.

    1. Impossible. God himself could have shat out that chicken and Girl’s Day would still have it beat, I tell you what.

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