SNSD’s Normal Version of “Galaxy Supernova” is Redundant but Sexy So Fuq It

snsd girls generation galaxy supernova group

After seeing that SNSD had released its dance version for “Galaxy Supernova” first, it naturally made sense to think that there had to be a regular version in the works, one which was not all choreography in a box all the time.

Seeing it released today, made me think that I’d have to do two separate reviews for two different videos of the same song (because it’s SNSD and I feel compelled to do SNSD releases because Jessica Jung that’s why).

Then I watched it and I realized that doing so would be completely unnecessary:

IT’S THE SAME THING BUT WITH CLOSEUPS. Same set, same dance, same editing, same outfits (yay). And while my initial impression was to go off the handles on redundant stupid shit like releasing two “versions” of the same video in a blatant effort to squeeze and manipulate all the sweet clickies and internet traffic that SNSD could muster, my anger quickly vanished because…

Not fair.

Not fair.

Wait, what was I upset about again?

Wait, what was I upset about again?

Report: Everything wonderful, nothing hurts.

Report: Everything wonderful, nothing hurts.

How can I complain about MOAR of this? I look forward to SNSD’s third version which will probably be a one shot choreography version done in the jeans and top combo where Jessica will mess up approximately once every 45 seconds.

And I will love her all the more.



  1. Enjoying things for what they are · · Reply

    Haha oh come on, you remember videos like Mr. Taxi. You weren’t seriously looking for an actual creative endeavor, right? x)

    1. I suppose not (SNSD is still an SM Entertainment brainchild at the end of the day) but a man can dream.

      For something resembling anything different.

  2. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    ACK?!! Copyright infringement? What is this? Guess no close ups for Rebecca.

    Also, I was poking around on the internet trying to see if I could find if someone else uploaded the “closeups version” when I found a Japanese news site explaining that the colored skinny jeans were designer and it was essentially a giant commercial. To which I say, well done video makers. The jeans were the only things my eyes could focus on because your shiny vests and backgrounds clashed too badly. I’m so betting you did that on purpose.

    1. Gah, fixed. Stupid Japanese companies and their freaking paranoia with online sharing. Because God forbid people discover your shit.

      If it was a jean commercial, it’s the best jean commercial but that was all I was intent on focusing on anyway, so good job with that one video makers. I will stan for all the denim as long as Jessica, Yuri and Taeyeon are in dem and I will take all the credit for it because it is genius. Avoid seizures by staring at butt – er – jeans? Yase please.

  3. Even just for the 2 close-ups on Sunny’s face, I say YES to the normal version \o/

    1. Gasp, a Sunshiner! I got .5 extra seconds of Jessica out of this, so it’s a-ok by me.

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