Ailee Spits Hot Truth About SPICA on ‘Lee Hyori’s XUnni’

ailee dollhouse

On Lee Hyori’s show ‘Lee Hyori’s XUunni’, Ailee made a surprise guest appearance and asked the eternal question that has puzzled mankind for the past two years: “What da fuq, why isn’t SPICA MOAR popular?”

Lee Hyori’s vanity, erhm, variety project ‘Lee Hyori’s XUnni’ takes the sexy queen of K-Pop and has her teach a group of actually talented singers and dancers in SPICA how to be good K-Pop stars. So on a recent episode, Hyori was teaching SPICA how to prepare for variety shows, a more important skill than learning the finer points of singing and dancing when it comes to being a successful K-Pop act, Ailee stopped by and Hyori asked the young diva what she thought about SPICA. Ailee’s response, per allkpop:

 “I don’t understand why they’re not more popular. They all sing well, dance well, and are really pretty.”

Oh Ailee.

Oh young, naive Ailee.

Leave it to a singer to completely miss the point of being a successful K-Pop group. “Singing”, “dancing” and being “really pretty” have nothing on massive ad buys, delusional fervent fan bases, and the power of pure sex appeal –

I see Hyori has taught them well.

I see Hyori has taught Narae well.

I stand corrected. Oh well, the first two. The first two definitely still apply. Hopefully, Lee Hyori can manufacture an EXO fan base for SPICA on her variety show without endangering the life of everyone involved.

Because, really SPICA is everything Ailee says they are and they deserve ALL THE ADORATION AND MONIES.



  1. Kpoptartsarebestpoptarts · · Reply

    I feel sorry for them because Kara just came back, Ladies Code’s new song is really solid, Wassup ‘s new song is a big improvement over their debut, and now GG is releasing Galaxy Supernova. Spica once again being unjustly overshadowed. Tonight is a really great song, but up against all of that it’s not going to get the attention it deserves.

    Who makes these release schedules?

    1. Evil companies trying to keep a good group down haha. I guess no matter what, SPICA would be fighting an uphill battle but yeesh, looking at it as you’ve laid it out, yeah, should have either sped up the release or held it back for a little while longer.

  2. Sometimes it takes a while to find success. Kara struggled for a couple of years before hitting it big. Sistar didn’t really break out until last year. Girl’s Day and A-Pink seem to be having a breakout year (after drifting sideways for a couple of years). And Crayon Pop went from performing on the streets to topping the charts almost overnight.

    All it takes is one hit to bump them up to the next level. Spica is one of the most talented girl groups and they seem to be well-liked. They just haven’t found their hit song yet.

    1. Sad part is, I think a couple of their songs should have been already. Granted, “I’ll Be There” is basically American late 90’s nostalgia, but I think that one and “Tonight” are single friendly enough (I’ll grant that my more favorite songs by them like “Russian Roulette” and “Potently” are not as radio friendly).

      1. I like Spica but honestly none of their songs have really stuck in my ear.

        I think they still need to find something catchier and release it at the right time (not during a G-Dragon and Kara comeback, for instance).

      2. That’s valid. I love SPICA, but that they don’t really do the whole find a catchy hook and beat the shit out of it thing that is admittedly very addictive and a good way to get a hit under the right circumstances.

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