Man Candy Mondays: Kai

exo kai jongin

Kim Jong In, better known by his stage name Kai, is a South Korean idol singer and rapper. He is the main dancer, vocalist, lead rapper and visual of K-Pop behemoth group EXO.

I know next to nothing about EXO. Part of this is due to the fact that the group tends to attract the most rabid fandom this side of crazy town and part of it is that most of them look like they haven’t started learning algebra yet. Trying to get to know any group who looks like they were snatched from their middle schools in the middle of the night is going to be an uphill battle from the start and EXO’s fan base doesn’t make it any easier to embrace the group. However, if EXO were to have one guy who is suitably man candy-esque instead of simply adorably cute, it’d be Kai who raps with a confident (pardon the overused term) “swagger” that stands out.

While I’m admittedly not the best judge on what constitutes sexy in a guy (I tend to use a simple equation of eyebrows x abs), if the very thought of you gets Nicole Jung all wet and bothered, you’re probably doing a thousand things right. So hats off to Kai for managing to stand out among the seventy five thousand other members of EXO as the one man candy to rule them all.


Kai is so sexy that moths burn themselves up in one hundred feet of him.

His backpack has more swag than you.

His backpack has more swag than you.

Kai causes more thirstiness than a drought in a desert.

Eyes that could pierce Fort Knox.

Eyes that could pierce Fort Knox.

Kai’s swag is so real that people have tried to patent it.

The shirt provides a little modesty.

The shirt provides a little modesty.

Kai is so good looking that he has never been able to gaze upon himself, for all mirrors and water evaporate in his presence.

Kai knows where you want to go.

Kai knows where you want to go.

Kai’s cuteness teaches puppies the emotion of envy.

A smile which could power Superman.

A smile which could power Superman.

Kai is so desirable that Juan Ponce de Leon was actually searching for Kai when he landed on Florida.

If abs were candy, dentists could live off of Kai.

If abs were candy, dentists could live off of Kai.





  1. Paige-Nevaeh · · Reply

    I do enjoy Exo’s music…but them abs got nothin on BTOB.

    1. Yeah, BTOB is on a whole other level with ab-taculararity.

  2. I know what you mean (unfortunately). I fell into the EXO mania some months ago and although every single member as you know them is worth shipping, the fandom is quite…..argh O.o (remembering the comeback when fans came with their ladders taller than me for the radio =_=)
    Let’s say the noonas are less scary but…..well, not entirely true either ^^; so let’s say I’m one of the only normal fans around this group LOL
    Anyway good job, love the choice of the pics for Jongin ^^

    1. Thanks! Greetings normal EXO fan, good luck to you in your endeavors with your fellow fanbase haha.

  3. Zhang Yixing or BTOB’s Hyunsik please. Dem sik abs

  4. Sungjae of BTOB please 🙂

  5. Stephanie · · Reply

    I’m also a “normal” fan of EXO (e.g., watched their m/v’s a million times, follow their variety show exploits, but have NOT tried to crash Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding just to take some pictures). I’m surprised you singled out only Kai who, while overtly sexy and a fantastic dancer, is pretty obviously a baby still (and at 19, he makes me feel like a dirty old couger).

    My pick after lots of deliberation would be Kris. At first he seems like the obvious choice – tall and unearthly beautiful, like a Chinese warrior prince in a Zhang Yimou movie, but he gets overshadowed by the other members in a way that suggests SM is really just treating him like the visual, the least talented member of the group. He isn’t a strong singer like Baek or D.O. or Chen, his rapping is nothing to write home about, he’s a pretty terrible dancer, and he’s not funny/cute/charming like Chanyeol or Tao. Many EXO fans would probably say he’s boring. But there’s a quiet dignity/sensitivity to the way he carries himself, and when he is allowed to shine a little, you usually come away pleasantly surprised, if not blown away.

    Anyway will leave you with this sweet little live performance Kris and Lay did for one of the Chinese radio stations, one of the rare instances you’ll see Kris actually singing instead of rapping. The feels, the feels!

  6. OMG!!! they’re all awesome pictures.

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