Girl’s Day Cosplay Police Officers for BHC Chicken – Arrest Me Please

girls day bhc chicken

Girl’s Day somehow made the idea of fried chicken even more arousing with a CF teaser (the idea of a CF teaser is ridiculous, and yes there’s going to be a whole video dedicated to chicken and Girl’s Day) for BHC Chicken.

The concept for the CF teaser is that Girl’s Day are “police officers” who convince people to to choose the right fried chicken with a mixture of cosplay and BDSM. Per allkpop:

Girl’s Day have become sexy cops in the teaser for their ‘BHC Chicken‘ CF!

It may be just a teaser but the 30 seconds was more than enough for fans to get a good look at Girl’s Day’s transformation in their police officer uniforms. The girls are seen with their handcuffs ready to arrest any chicken culprits and if you have an emergency urge for chicken, they show you the number to call on the screen.

Watch the sexy teaser while you wait for the full CF which will be released on September 9!

So, what this tells me is that if one simply orders the “wrong” friend chicken (as if that exists) then Girl’s Day will descend from the Fried Chicken Crimes Division in sexy police outfits and throw some handcuffs on me while threatening to beat me with a baton if I don’t eat some of their fried chicken…

Which sounds like a really weird fantasy that I may or may not have now. Damn you fried chicken (and Girl’s Day).

Now excuse me while I go and buy some Popeye’s and wait for Officer Sojin and Officer Minah.

You have the right to hnnnggggggg.

You have the right to hnnnggggggg.



  1. I get insanely hungry for fried chicken anytime I see a Korean chicken ad. It looks so much more delicious than anything we have in the States.

    1. I haven’t had fried chicken from Korea, but Korean fried chicken stateside is pretty good. Lighter breading and like most Asian fried chickens, saltier (which I prefer).

      1. Outside of California and New York, it’s kinda hard to find.

      2. Makes sense. I live in Oakland, CA about a quarter of a mile from a cluster of good Korean food joints, so I may be spoiled in that regard.

  2. This concept is the genius. This is as sexy as that new After School vid. Minah looks to be really getting into it, those girls could sell anything.

    1. They could sell me their carbon dioxide and I’d go broke over that shit.

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