Man Candy Mondays: Kim Jong Kook


Kim Jong Kook (but he will always be Kookie to us) is a South Korean singer, actor and variety star. Depending on who you ask and how old you are, he’s either best known for being a member of K-Pop group Turbo, or a variety star standout in the now defunct Family Outing or the always great Running Man.

Kim Jong Kook and I are a lot alike. Well, aside from the fact that he’s older, successful, buff, a better person and we look nothing like each other. Even his voice, which is almost comically high as a singer compared to his imposing physique, contrasts with my deep mumble. So, why the comparison? One only needs to watch Running Man to see that in a show where Kim Jong Kook is more physically fit and able (and often more cunning) than nearly every guest and regular cast member, his one weakness is pretty. Pretty knocks him dead. He is incapable of saying no to it (aside from Ji Hyo who is the exception to everything) and he gets incredibly flustered when past romantic rumors of his are brought up. It’s pretty adorable. And so is Kookie. Behind the insanely strong, athletic, Commander Kook is the soul of a romantic. On second thought, maybe we just have nothing in common. Without further ado:


Kim Jong Kook is so beef cake that his beef cakes have beef cake.

Will squash a Grasshopper, but couldn't hurt a fly.

Will squash a Grasshopper, but couldn’t hurt a fly.

Kim Jong Kook is so charismatic that the pied piper follows him.

More fly than the Air Force.

More fly than the Air Force.

Kim Jong Kook is so cute that small animals flock to him to hear his song.

Could eat off his pecs.

Could eat off his pecs.

Kim Jong Kook is so cunning that velociraptors learn their attack patterns from him.

Turbo-man, but can actually be funny.

Like Turbo-man, but actually funny.

Kim Jong Kook is so buff that when Superman laid eyes on him, he immediately enrolled at a gym.

His abs have abs.

His abs have abs.


zomg spaz



  1. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    I wonder if this means that WW will feature Yoon Eun Hye 😉

    It’s great to see Sparta Kook here though. We really need an episode where he completely decimates everyone again. Its been too long. Enough of letting the pretty guests win.

    But I can’t really blame him. Some of the guests are just too damn gorgeous.

    1. At heart, we are all Sparta Kook.

  2. I’m loving the man candy mondays already. Would be cool to have EXO’s Kai (there, I said it), or the likes of Lee Min Ki and Cha Seung Won

    1. Added to the list. Man Candy Monday suggestions are always welcomed. It’s harder for me to come up with guys to make these posts than girls for Wednesday (obviously). Interested to see what EXO might bring here haha.

      1. Kai is such a Man Candy, in fact he’s the only Man Candy EXO has to offer, sadly. They’re like 23 and look like high school girls.

      2. Hahaha, I was just thinking that.

  3. I just happened upon this as I was looking for a certain photo of KJK (you know the one… I love your description. Thank you!!!!!

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