SPICA Releases Music Video Teaser for “Tonight”, Get Your Spazz Muscles Ready

spica tonight cover

SPICA is making their comeback with “Tonight” and why is it not August 28th yet?

First, credit must be given to the photo teaser above which is what my dreams look like on a particularly good night. It is something like this:

I am the one who spazzes.

I am the one who spazzes.

Now, the video teaser doesn’t give much away (stupid teaser) but from what it does show, “Tonight” looks and sounds like a winner (but it’s SPICA, so of course it does).

The group looks like it will continue to mostly utilize the sound of actual instruments and forego the techno-synth dance-pop that litters the K-Pop landscape like dog shit litters a public park. The one note that is belted at the end is the equivalent of aural sex. Sex in the ears.


Gah, can’t wait. Kim Boa is magic.

Everything is right.

Everything is right.



  1. I don’t know their names well but on the teaser picture, the one that’s second to the end on the left reminds me of Tiffany imho

    1. If you’re talking their left (and I can see the resemblance here) then that’s Narae. They have a similar smile I suppose.

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