Sandara Park Gets Normal Hair for Clio, is Stupidly Pretty

dara black hair.

Dara was able to escape CL’s clutches long enough to get a glamorous hairstyle and normal hair color and good god, she looks good.

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Dara is twenty eight years old. The way that 2NE1 styles her a lot of the time, one would think that Dara is a punky 15 year old kid, rather than a full grown woman.

I just... what?

I just… what?

But then there are the rare moments where Dara gets to look like a well adjusted adult and those are freaking fantastic. Many thanks to Clio for sneaking Dara out from under YG’s nose on this one:

2NE1‘s Dara caught the eyes of fans with her new black hairstyle for ‘Clio‘.

The pictorial shows how Dara’s new hair color highlights her porcelain skin and makes her red lipstick look edgy and fierce. Dara also congratulated the cosmetics brand on the grand opening of their official Facebook ‘Club Clio‘ with a cute video.



Long live Sandara Park, long may she reign as the stealth bomber of K-Pop.



Maxed out Dara is unfair.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I always approved of the cornrows and the other hairdos hidden by hoodies in Clap your hands (박수쳐).

    The hairstyle was relatively normal in Go Away, she’s just not in the video for that long. Dara’s Kiss are too youthful, but they’re normal.

    Actually the most normal her hair has ever gotten was in the Intel song:

    The problem with judging Dara’s hair is that by now it’s kind of become a brand. Like Minzy’s butt swirl shake (you know what I’m talking about, don’t lie), Bom’s expressionless puffy face and CL’s tenancy to put excessively artsy clothes on (looking at you unicorn shirt), the crazy hair is part of her brand now. Not having it is like not having JYP whisper at the beginnings of his songs, or Amber not wearing pants and converse, or Sulli not looking like they rolled her out of a tutu factory. My point is that, yes they don’t do that all the time, but it’s kinda weird and almost edgy if they don’t. Lezzbe honest, if they put Amber in a mini dress for the next teaser pictures, the internet would explode. Not that she wouldn’t rock it, but it’s not part of her brand, you know? Same with Dara and normal hairstyles.

    1. I want to see Amber in a dress before she retires. I would scream like a little fan girl if and when it happens.

      As for Dara, I understand the whole signature look thing, but the girl is 28. She needs to mature her look at some point (and that point was two yeas ago *folds arms).

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        I agree that she needs to have older haircuts, but they still need to be different. I watched that commercial and all I could thing was that she was pretty… but average. In a sea of good looking kpop stars that’s the last thing you want to be. I would be interested to see a pixie cut or an auburn red hair color on her.

      2. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        And on the Amber in a dress front, the closest thing I know of is this:

      3. Fleur De Seoul · ·


        I hope that’s not photo shop because nosebleed.

      4. Oh god if that’s real I’ll die of feels.

    2. I LOL’d at the part about Sulli and tutu factories. Nailed it on the head, there. (Although her Red Light concept had her finally looking a bit more mature. Too bad she left…)

      What’s this about Minzy’s “butt swirl shake” now? I shall have to look it up. 😛

      Mr. Yellow Slug, I love Sandara and agree that YG always puts her (and the rest of 2NE1) in ridiculous outfits and concepts but pwease don’t blame CL unnie for it. I love her and I’m sure she loves Dara; it’s just the YG producers and stylists messing up Dara’s inner cute. ovo

  2. She looks more attractive but she looks well… older, too. Before, with her whack ass hairstyles, she looked young and youthful but now, probably because she IS trying to be ‘mature’ in a sense really makes her look that way. I mean, I’m a fan of her but it like accentuates her aging lines I probably wouldn’t have noticed had it not been her hair.

    And like what Fleur de Seoul said, her crazy hair is HER. Her without crazy hair is odd to come across and when you do, you take a double take.

    1. But it’s a double take in the GOOD way. I will start the non-crazy Dara hair petition.

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