Man Candy Mondays: Hoya

hoya cover

Continuing the INFINITE train on Man Candy Mondays, this week it’s Hoya’s turn.

Lee Ho-won, better known by his stage name Hoya, is a South Korean singer, rapper and actor. He is best known for being the rapper in K-Pop group INFINITE where he plies his trade as the resident hunk in a group of pretty dewds.

Hoya is at once a very lucky man, and a one who has seemingly made his own luck. On the incredibly lucky and stupid side of the equation is the fact that Hoya dropped out of high school to pursue a career as an idol which is about as stupid as… dropping out of high school to pursue a career as an idol. But when one watches and looks at Hoya, it becomes much more understandable as to why Hoya gave the middle finger to the educational system and went after the stars and lights that have burned so many. The guy has an easy chemistry, and easy eyes which can flicker into an intense gaze in an instant. He also has nice muscle definition, not that I’m paying attention to that or anything. I’m paying attention to Hoya’s eyes… damnit that doesn’t sound any better. Any who, back to totally not checking out Hoya:


Hoya is such a manifestation of the spectrum of manhood that Greek statutes feel inadequate in his presence.

Glass meets hawtness.

Glass meets hawtness.

Hoya makes the majesty of the Sun look as pedestrian as a fluorescent bulb.

Hoya is sad that no one is as stunning as Hoya.

Hoya is sad that no one is as stunning as Hoya.

Hoya is so cute that random people try to adopt him from animal shelters.

Totally rad.

Totally rad.

Hoya is so hot that he causes minor tremors in the earth from the screams of adulation.

Eyebrows. They are magic.

Eyebrows. They are magic.

Hoya is so abs that abs.






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