Actress and Taekwondo Athlete Taemi Aims for First Pitch Supremacy

baseball k kim

Korean ceremonial first pitches: Where the real war of skill takes place on a baseball mound.

Taemi (also known as K Kim and Tammy which just makes google searching much too difficult) must have seen rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo Ji’s first pitch and decided to challenge her for the What-Kind-of-Fuckery-is-This Title by fighting her way onto the mound for a Doosan Bears game (pun entirely intended).  Once there, Taemi stared down the catcher, arched her back and then unleashed a Street Fighter cheat code on the baseball world:

What in the flipping fuq.

She could beat me up any day.

She could beat me up any day.

I’m not even sure which one is more impressive, the girl who bent her entire torso around her leg like a loose windmill, or the girl who launched herself into an in-the-air somersault to deliver a pitch near home base without throwing up everywhere.

All that I know is that both Shin Soo Ji and Taemi have done the impossible and made baseball actually entertaining to watch.

I am eagerly awaiting the next athlete to try and up the ante in ceremonial first pitches. It will probably be done by somehow incorporating pole dancing and twerking in the routine, while actual baseball players slowly die inside knowing that their life long ambitions have now been reduced to being a much too lengthy epilogue to the new main event.



  1. After seeing this, I found out that she is the girl in that ‘Taekwondo Shuffe’ video on YouTube:

    1. This is great and well worth rewatching. Let me reiterate, I would allow myself to blissfully get pummeled by her.

  2. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    Well that was flipping fantastic (punglasses xD)

    1. *puts on punglasses – YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

  3. Prandeep Saikia · · Reply

    She’s one of my favourite actress… Infact the way he used to kick is just incredible.. I saw one of her film The Kick, which I liked it the most… The action of the film is just awsome.. I am also a big fan of taekwondo.. I love it very much.. It is one of my best martial arts game I love it… And I also think KOREA for such a wonderful game.. Live you KOREA 🙂 Wish if I could born there, :-/ and practise there!. :-\

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