Seungri’s Music Video Teaser for “Let’s Talk About Love” is More “Let’s Watch Some Sex”

seungri lets talk about love

In his latest effort to be known as the King of kink, Big Bang’s Seungri has released a video teaser for his next escapade in “Let’s Talk About Love”.

If this was anyone but Seungri, this could have been called “provocative”, “daring” or at least “PG-13 Porn”. But this is Seungri, so it’s probably just another day at the office. Per allkpop:

Big Bang‘s Seungri, who is getting ready for the release of his upcoming solo mini album ‘Let’s Talk About Love‘, is here to shock with a video teaser!

The video clip released has the distinct ’19’ written up at the top, which indicates that this will not be for minors and you can clearly see why when you watch it!

As mentioned before, Seungri revealed that he is determined to steal hearts as a matured man with his second mini album, and it seems he’s well on his way to doing so judging by the amount of excitement he’s been bringing.

And here’s the video which I will probably review because why the hell wouldn’t I:

My only complaint about Seungri doing this so far is that it’s pretty clearly a facade and nowhere near being actually representative of what love means to Seungri. The teaser is a complete neutering of his true romantic nature which one can almost see bursting at the edges of this teaser.

I mean, where is the BDSM choking, pulling out to jizz on the stomach followed by no cuddles or kisses?

Let it all out Seungri. You’re so close with this one.



  1. Let’s Talk About Jizz

  2. yo…..I guess he is embracing is sexual side… should be “Let’s talk about Lust”

    1. It’s all the same to Seungri haha.

  3. At least he’s honest about his sexuality whereas others bs their way around the obvious.
    On a side note, kinda ddrnhifvh how GD’s comeback is so close by. GD is obv. gonna whoop Seungri’s ass and more :|Could GD’s comeback not have been pushed back another week or so? (eating my own words; I constantly complain about YG postponing)

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