Waifu Wednesday: Kim Yubin

yubin wonder girls glamor

Kim Yubin is a Korean singer, rapper, model, actress and MC. She is best known for being the hottest (and I will rumble anyone who says otherwise) member of K-Pop soon-to-be-disbanded-at-this-rate group, the Wonder Girls.

Yubin has one of the lowest voices in K-Pop. Not just in terms of girl groups. Her voice is low period. She makes Bora sound like Jessica Jung. And you know what? It’s hot as hell. And when you combine the girl with the voice, you have one of the exemplary models of what a K-Pop rapper should be like. She’s also fit as fuq and I’m fairly confident she could beat me into a pulp in a fight. Which is OK. Yubin beating the shit out of me would rank among the highlights of my life if it ever came to that.

Her abs. Gawd dayum her abs.


Yubin is so hot that the Earth’s core gets uncomfortably warm around her.

Yup, beat me up any day.

Yup, beat me up any day.

Yubin is so pretty that dying men in deserts drag themselves towards visions of her instead of water.

Leanin' like a baws.

Dat dress getting all the right angles.

Yubin’s husky rapping voice could charm a chicken into a fryer.

Please be my baby.

Nobody, nobody but you

Yubin is so sexy that she is not allowed near anyone with high blood pressure or heart issues for safety reasons.

Working those socks like Batman works a crime scene.

Working those socks like Batman works a crime scene.

Yubin could rap about slaughtering me in my sleep and I’d sing along blissfully.

Having her cake and eating it too.

Yubin: Proving she can make anything work.

Yubin’s lack of public love since the Wonder Girl’s hiatus is a horrific tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

Now, back to the washboard show.

Now, back to the washboard show.

To get on Yubin’s level, one must exist on a higher dimension.

So right that I'm getting dizzy.

So right that I’m getting dizzy.




  1. Yubin – I love her!!! Everyone in my family likes Yubin the best out of all the Wonder Girls! I will however stay a faithful Wonderful and keep my fingers crossed for a group project again….at least one more album! T-T!!!

    1. I want another WG release for Yubin alone.

      1. I would have a fangirl spazz out if Yubin gets a solo mini album : )

    2. That would be ideal.

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