Totally Going Gay for KARA’s New Concept

kara comeback sept

For the first time in forever, it looks like KARA is going to actually have a strong concept for their next comeback.

KARA has five unfairly gorgeous women and with each release they more or less just showcase that. “STEP” was hot girls in bright colors, “Pandora” was hot girls in sexy blazers, “Lupin” was hot girls in black, and “Mr.” was hot girls in suspenders. There are some cute concepts thrown in their as well, but the general MO for KARA is hot girls doing hot things while singing. Well, now it looks like the group is finally willing to switch it up by being… hot dudes doing hot things. Per allkpop:

After a long, long wait from all Kamilia, KARA is finally having their Korean comeback!

It’s been almost a year since the girls’ “Pandora” promotions, and KARA has finally released a teaser image for their comeback! The girls haven’t revealed a specific date except that it’ll be in September. The comeback will be a full album. 

All the girls got decked out in suits, and they look amazing as the ‘male’ KARA! It looks like they’re going for a boyish look this time around.

KARA: So hot they defy gender and sexuality. It is a relief that K-Pop seems to be mining eighties Madonna by way of “Vogue” instead of late eighties, early nineties thrift shop nostalgia for the five billionth time. Nicole finally has a good hairstyle for the first time in three years. Seungyeon looks like a boss and Gyuri can do no wrong. It is a testament to the perfection of KARA that they look like better boy band members than near all male idols.

Welp, time to start questioning things I thought I had answered a long time ago.



  1. I looked at the picture and was like “Jiyoung, nice. Nicole, nice. Gyuri, nice. Seungyeon, nice. Hara, n–no.”

    I don’t know, she’s just not doing it for me in the picture… maybe it’s her eyes because they’re so big and peer-into-your-soul kinda eyes but meh.

    Seungyeon looks bad ass, though.

    Also, tbh, KARA’s songs sound kinda the same so I’m hoping they shake things up a bit especially after the long as hell hiatus.

    1. At least with the pic here, I think Hara looks the most unsure of how to look masculine-y confident. She almost looks a little confused.

      As a fan of KARA, I’ll just say that they’re consistent but they could use a shake up now (“Pandora” was their first release where I was underwhelmed).

  2. I’m psyched for a Kara comeback but they’re too damn hot to be covered up that much.

    May I suggest a very slight modification to that concept:

    1. Slight modification approved.

  3. Its ok but,
    isn’t one Amber in kpop enough?

    1. If any group could wear suits and still give me all the boners, it’s KARA.

  4. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I’m reading this on my mobile reader, so I can’t tell who’s who, but the one second to the left is mine and none of you can have her/him.

    1. That is my Nicole and I will fight you for her De Seoul.

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        Idk what your skill set is, but I will bring my martial arts prowess and a bokken and smack you around until you submit. And if you were a worthy opponent, I may even let you watch.

      2. In that case… I will probably throw the match.

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