SECRET’s Hyosung for Yes is Always YAAASSSEEEE

hyosung secret army jacket

God’s divine favor has blessed the world with another Yes lingerie shoot with K-Pop cute-sex goddess Hyosung. Hallelujah.

Everything is wonderful and nothing hurts. All hail Hyosung, for she has yet again delivered the world from pain and suffering through the glorious visage of her heavenly presence. Yes should be commended with a Nobel Peace Prize for it’s work on behalf of all of mankind. Ever so modest, a Yes representative had this to say about their miracle work, per allkpop:

“Hyosung’s unique, lovable energy perfectly coincides with ‘Yes’ concept. This fall, ‘Yes’ and Hyosung’s own colors and styles will appeal to our target customers in their 20s.”

Here’s a more accurate press release: “You know every fantasy you ever had. Fuck that, here’s your fantasy’s fantasy. Peace out yo.” *Drops mic

Obligatory hhnnnnnnnnnggggggggg into infinite and forever.

Imagine that there is a clever caption here because I'm distracted with... things.

Imagine that there is a clever caption here because I’m distracted with… things.

My mind is unable to function. She has broken my brain.

My mind is unable to function. Hyosung done broke my brain.



  1. The previous Yes Hyosung Concept was dissapointing. This however, is the Hyosung we all know and love. Looking at these my brain goes into hibernation, yay Hyosung.

    1. I believe my actual reaction to this when someone showed it to me was, “Fuuuuuhhhh HURGA FRACKA FRRICCCKK, well fuq me.”

  2. Damn! I like the direction this Yes campaign is moving.

    1. Hyosung and Yes is always good, but this is double plus good.

  3. rohaniyerdxb · · Reply

    I thought long and hard to come up with an eloquent response, something poetic and filled with emotion. The best I could do was qbbltyzjkdvvrt – a cluster of meaningless consonants. Maybe something primal perhaps?

    1. I think that’s a spiritual tongue you’re speaking.

  4. black soshi · · Reply

    I have admired her assets long enough now. They’re real, aren’t they? If so she truly is a blessed creature. My poison.

    1. Sure, why not. Now back to YEW AHR MAI POISON.

  5. black soshi · · Reply

    I thought that was what the Bagel girl title was from? Hyosung has real boobs was the battle cry. Anyone can get fake ones, even me.

    1. True. I tend to not think much about it. I’ve never seen anything to suggest she’s had work done for what it’s worth.

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