Ahreum Takes Selca, Confirms She is Still Alive


The recently departed (from T-ara) Ahreum rose from the K-Pop grave to assure people that Kim Kwang Soo did not take her out back and shoot her in the dead of night.

And she did a brave thing and advocated for luuuuuuvvvvvv. Per allkpop:

Ahreum shared on her Instagram on the 9th, “Are you loving each other..? Let’s all love today~^^*”, and brought smiles with a selca of her apparent weight loss and beauty.

Dr. Tara Arebullies quickly released a statement in which she stated “We laud the brave soul Ahreum for sneaking out of the inter-dimensional ether that Sorcerer Kim Kwang Soo had her stuffed in” and that “the call for love is a call for a good Samaritan to come forward and rescue Ahreum from the cruel and unusual punishment of prolonged starvation.”

Kim Kwang Soo could not be reached for comment, but his press secretary did comment that, “It is preposterous that Ahreum could have been stuck in some universal wormhole as Kim Kwang Soo’s inter-dimensional ether is reserved for Dani to preserve her in stasis for Kim Kwang Soo’s viewing pleasure. As for Ahreum’s weight loss, Kim Kwang Soo requires a daily life leeching ceremony and Ahreum graciously volunteered. We are all eagerly anticipating Ahreum’s eventual undead resurrection, erhm, comeback in 2014.”



  1. Wow. Working for KKS has sucked the life out of her. Compare that ghostly picture above to this healthy-looking picture from a year ago:

    1. Truth be told, I thought that allkpop goofed with this pic. Doesn’t look like her at all.

  2. Ahreum: living proof of the power some exorcism. She should be spokesperson for spiritual health or some such.

    1. The power of T-fail is knocking my ability to string sentences together. Another T-ara crime.

      1. Kim Kwang Soo’s powers go far.

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