SISTAR Milks Me Dry for Milk Nara


So, uh, SISTAR can do cute too, I guess?

If the Got Milk commercials used K-Pop idols to get kids to drink milk, cows would probably petition for cruel and unusual punishment due to the torturous wrangling and demand of their udders. Also, Milk Nara has apparently found the fountain of youth and is selling it in the guise of milk, per allkpop:

SISTAR, as a part of a campaign with Milk Nara, is urging viewers to drink milk.


Why? Well, the girls go through the best attributes with a cute little song and dance – you’ll get clear skin, you’ll grow taller, you’ll become thinner, and you’ll get stronger. They pick the perfect girls for each point, so the pale Dasom emphasizes the ‘clear skin’, the tall Soyu talks about ‘growing taller’, and etc.

I half thought that SISTAR would break out a random bend over and booty shake out of pure habit.

Bora did bring some good “Ma Boy” action in the name of milk though:

Give it to me. The milk.

Give it to me. The milk.

Sometimes articles are written to analyze ideas and concepts .

Sometimes they are written as an excuse to showcase Bora and an immature pun.

This is the latter.



  1. black soshi · · Reply

    I thank you for your service Yellow Slug. I hope you realize the good that you do when you bestow upon us these incredible gifs. I am a devoted follower now. Slug is daebak! or jjang!

    1. I accept daebak, jjang or stud muffin. I highly recommend following on tumblr for gifs. It will change your life.

  2. wow bora has NO ASS AT ALL. lol. doubt she even has big boobs, probably just wears push-up bras. the commercial’s cute and catchy enough.

    1. Yes but doze legs.

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