Waifu Wednesday: Lee Jooyeon


Lee Jooyeon is a South Korean idol singer and actress. She is best known for being one of the only original members left in After School, where she is the sub-Leader, vocalist, lead dancer, rapper and main visual (hell, I think she has more titles than she’s had lines in all After School singles combined).

Jooyeon operates in an unfortunate space in After School. In any other group, she would be the designated rapper and be guaranteed at least four or five bars per song to be showcased as the sextastic eye candy talent that she is. Alas, in After School, Jooyeon runs into the formidable fuckton of sex appeal that is Nana sooooo she’s somehow one of the most senior members of her group who also gets a criminally low amount of lines. It’s After School, no one’s watching them for their singing prowess. So, may this be Jooyeon’s moment in the sun. Her instagram and prankster persona are wasted in her group, but they will be eagerly celebrated here. Because she’s unimaginably hawt.


Jooyeon is so hot that her gaze boils water.



Jooyeon is so inexplicably under-used in After School that scholars have dedicated years of their life to figure out the phenomena.

And on the third day, Jooyeon raised humanity's spirits from the grave.

And on the third day, Jooyeon raised humanity’s spirits from the grave.

Jooyeon is so beautiful that poets kill themselves trying to adequately describe her.

Dat (see-through) dress.

Dat (see-through) dress.

Jooyeon could talk me into a pit of vipers.

My life. It is whole now.

My life. It is whole now.

Jooyeon is so cute that she makes puppies piss themselves with joy.

Selca power is above 9000.

Selca power is above 9000.

Jooyeon is so pretty that Lizzy worships at her ankles.

Yeah, pretty boss.

Yeah, pretty boss.

Jooyeon is so sexy that gods and goddesses worship her stool.

Peak approval

Peak approval


Jooyeon’s cuteness is not so much an experience as it is a punch of goodness to the soul.

Death by wink. It's real.

Death by wink. It’s real.


Lawd baby



  1. finally you made one about jooyeon or jupal aka trollpal xD xD xD xD xD
    i’ve been waiting for this lol

    1. Haha, glad the wait is over then. And yes, jupal is amazing and needs her own showcase.

  2. i laughed so hard at everything you wrote. ffrom the poets to the puppies lol! JUPAL is my bias I love her to death.

    1. Thanks! Jooyeon is way too underrated.

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