Clara Clarifies That She is Not Scared of Sexy Image – Thank All That is Holy

clara beach cover

We can all call of the national emergency alarms. Clara Lee is not afraid of being known as sexy and will continue to ruthlessly stomp brains.

The soul of mankind screamed “NOOOOOOOOO” last week, when it seemed like Clara was going to take a break from being sexy to show a cute, and fun side of her. Per allkpop:

People ask me, you already showed off your sexy side, so what are you going to do later on? That’s why I chose ‘Reckless Family 3’. I have a bright, happy side, too, but I was scared of being just seen as sexy. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’m going to be like a younger sister. I’m sorry that I’m crying right now.

Gurl, it’s not like there’s a finite amount of sexy that you can spread. That ratio does not exist. Perhaps realizing that “drop dead gorgeously sexy hnnnnnggggg” and “bright, happy side” are not mutually (s)exclusive terms, Clara took to twitter to talk the human species off the ledge:

“Because I am receiving a lot of love with my sexy image, I can only be thankful, I am not scared at all~. I think I cried that day at the thought of the 8 years I spent doing nothing. Everything depends on my effort! But, I apologize for spilling tears when there were sunbaenims present.”

Thank the Lawd Almighty, for a world where Clara is not being ridiculously adorable and sexy is not a world worth living in.

Sooo dorky.

Sooo dorky.

Anyone who lambastes this is committing international crimes

Anyone who lambastes this is a traitor to the human race

I am suddenly thirsty. For Sprite.

I am suddenly thirsty. For Sprite.

Dat... swimsuit.

Dat… swimsuit.





  1. Best beverage commercial ever:

    1. It really is. I um studied this intensely and all related gifs.

  2. Lem Barney · · Reply

    Thanks for the YouTube commercial!!! She is, of course, completely perfect which explains the animosity aimed at her by members of her own gender who would undoubtedly sell their own souls to look half as good as she does… 😉

    1. I’m a dude and I’m mad jelly of her body.

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