Lee Hyori and SPICA to Form Voltron of Awesome for Reality Show

lee hyori and spica

SPICA will be learning how to rule the K-Pop world from Lee Hyori in Hyori’s four part show “Lee Hyori’s X Sister.”

In news that only me and 57.2 other SPICA fans on the planet (I counted) will care about, the group is planning on learning from wise K-Pop Master of Sexy Everything Lee Hyori on a reality show before finally coming back to the K-Pop scene in late August. Hip, hip hooray:

The K-pop artist that Lee Hyori will mentor on her upcoming reality show is girl group SPICA.

The five-member group will be mentored by Lee on the 4-part “Lee Hyori’s X Sister” (translated title), announced CJ E&M through a press release on Wednesday.

The show’s broadcaster On Style also released a photo of Lee with SPICA on its official Facebook account (facebook.com/onstyletv).

Lee will be the mentor for SPICA in a 4-part reality show and will teach the girls how to be loved by the public steadily and how to survive in entertainment industry.

The girls are under the same agency as Lee and they are scheduled to make their comeback to the local music scene in late August.

The show is set to premiere August 6 and will be the last reality show Lee will be in as a single woman. She is set to marry her boyfriend of two years Lee Sang-soon sometime in September.

Hopefully, Hyori will be able to impart some of her tricks of the trade onto SPICA before marrying like some secret ritual of sexiness. What else could Hyori teach them anyways? The business side will be good as Hyori has been one of the smartest women in K-Pop in transitioning from idol to solo star to icon (contrasting her and BoA reveals how two career paths can veer so differently) and lawd knows that SPICA could use some good marketing tips. And who knows, maybe SPICA can teach Hyori how to sing or something.

No matter what happens, it means more Narae and Boa, so I’m all for it.

It has been too long.

It has been too long.





  1. Based on the trailer, I think it’s mainly about Hyori making them cry:

    1. It looks amazing haha.

  2. Dont know anything about spica, name sounds like they should be latina girl gangers.
    The top photo. Proof Hyori can out-sexy any random 5 kpoptarts.

    1. Don’t sleep on SPICA, they’re really good (and really, really, not popular). Still, no way they hold a candle to Hyori in the sexy department but then again, who can.

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