Jo Kwon Gets All Close and Personal with Wang Fei Fei, Better be Gay Damn It


So, while Min was working the grill and barbecue, Jo Kwon was taking selcas with Wang Fei Fei in order to be her gay BFF. Right? Because that’s what I’m telling myself.

It’s been a bit slow lately in the K-Pop world (hence a lot of “Oh look, a photo shoot” articles from yours truly) but this is Important News. Min was the chef or something for a meal with Fei and Jo Kwon in attendance. What? Me, Jealous? Get out of here:

2AM‘s most fabulous member Jo Kwon and miss A‘s Min and Fei barbecued it up this weekend!

The three JYP idols had themselves a little BBQ party, and Jo Kwon tweeted, “Min~ Fei noona~ BBQ~ Yum yum.”

The photos show Jo Kwon and Fei hanging out and making cute faces, while Min took charge as the grill master.

First of all, one would think that Wang Fei Fei would be the grill master as she’s shown her exquisite cooking ability on Master Chef Korea Celebrity. Second of all, a pretty girl may not be the first thing that comes to mind of what Jo Kwon would want to snuggle up to.

Much ado about nothing, as it’s just three JYP artists hanging out and having some fun…



Wang Fei Fei is really looking for a gay best friend to confide in…

In which case I will have to bite the bullet.

Dear Wang Fei Fei,

As it seems like you are in the market for a gay BFF, I would like to submit my resume to you. You may notice the lack of gay on my resume but let me assure you; I will love all the dick to be in your general vicinity. I will literally worship at the alter of cock to be around your farts. I thank you for your time and for your consideration in filling the position.


Yellow Slug

P.S. If the position is already filled or if Jo Kwon is not gay but an acquaintance, then disregard everything I have written and marry me plz.



  1. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    Just buy a bunch of 2pm and TOP posters, hang them in your room and take a picture of yourself. Then email the pictures to her and say that you just want to be friends. Then when she comes to the conclusion that you like the mens, she will say yes, and then you become friends. Then you reveal that those were ab inspirations and break out your ridiculous abs. She will be instantly smitten.

    1. Bah gawd, it’s so crazy it just might work. Fleur De Seoul for Yellow Slug’s wing woman.

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        I’m pretty good at being a wingperson. I’d love to be a matchmaker though. That would be pretty cool.

  2. “..if Jo Kwon is not gay..”

    If Jo Kwon turns out to be straight then we would have to go back and re-evaluate every fact we know about the universe. Does the Earth revolve around the sun? I wouldn’t be too sure about that after finding out that Jo Kwon isn’t gay.

    1. This is glorious.

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