IU Finally Addresses Her Picture with Eunhyuk and…

IU yep

IU told everyone to fuq off and that she’d get that Eunhyuk diq on demand if she damn well pleased.

Aw, who am I kidding.

She apologized to everything and everyone under the Sun *sad trombone. Per allkpop:

The topic of the photo she’d uploaded onto her Twitter had long been avoided, but she finally spoke up about it on the July 23 installment of SBS‘ ‘Incarnation‘. When asked about the incident, she started with, “I wondered, why did this happen? Why did I do this? First, I did upload it by mistake. And to be honest, I couldn’t even blame anyone else because I was the one who uploaded it. It wasn’t that I could even have a hard time because of it [because it was my fault].

She added, “I was so sorry to many people. Since I did it myself, I thought, who should I feel the most apologetic to? Should I be sorry to the people who loved me? Or should I be sorry to the people who loved the person I hurt (the other person in the photo)? I also thought a lot about, should I go out and apologize to everyone and clear up all the misunderstandings, or should I just stay quiet? I pushed back variety shows as much as I could because of that.

 She continued, “I was so sorry. It wasn’t something that made me have a hard time, being a burden on me or anything because I should just be sorry to everyone. I’m so sorry.

All she wanted was a little Eunhyuk.

All she wanted was a little Eunhyuk.

In all seriousness, this was pretty much the only move that IU could make given her status as South Korea’s little Disney Princess. Sucks that she has to walk the fine line between appearing to be desirable without actually acting on any desirability but that is the life of K-Pop idols, and doubly so for the Nation’s Little Sister. Hence, a statement that had more sorrys in it than the board game section at Toys R Us.

IU then apologized for 9/11, the JFK Assassination and the Black Plague before trying to commit seppuku. She is in stable condition and apologizes for that as well.



  1. The last sentence kills me. Love it!

  2. I hope she recovers from her wounds soon,lol
    but seriously! she says something now? when it has finally died down? and why would they ask her about it after such a long time? idk…
    p.s I couldn’t stop laughing at the “All she wanted was a little Eunhyuk.” XD

    1. The timing of it is a bit odd as it just reminds people that it happened now. I guess she had to say something about it and better late than never?

  3. Girl needs to capitalise on her semi-bad girl rep. She could be New Hyuna while Hyuna is New Hyori. I wants Nasty IU concept.

    1. Despite her image, IU can feisty sometimes. I like that about her. She’s more like Hyori than Hyuna is, personality-wise. She has publicly criticized her company LOEN on several occasions.

      Also – she’s about to get medieval on some netizen’s ass:


      1. “Also – she’s about to get medieval on some netizen’s ass:”
        I would pay money to see IU beating on a netizen. Another suggested new concept.

    2. Hyori did pick IU as the artist who could go further than her, though in a different way… Maybe she meant even more of bad girl than Hyori haha.

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