Man Candy Mondays: Chansung


Hwang Chansung is a South Korean singer, rapper and actor. He is best known as being the rapper and maknae of K-Pop Team Beefcake 2PM. Also, abs. Because abs.

2PM is that rare group that employs two rappers because they make no bones about the fact that most people are not going to be eagerly awaiting a 2PM release for their singing abilities (which, to be fair, are quite good). No, 2PM’s legion of fans tune in for hawt dewds doin hawt thangs and Chansung more than fits the bill, as if having Taecyeon to rap isn’t overkill enough already. Chansung is the maknae but he may be the most sophisticatingly sexy looking one in the group and he makes most male idols seem like adorable puppies in comparison. Also, his abs. They are ridiculous.


Chansung is so sexy  that egg banks desperately gravitate towards him.

Why even bother with half a jacket.

Why even bother with half a jacket.

Aphrodite thirsts for Chansung like a fish thirst in the Sahara.

Maknaes should not be this hot. It is a universal law.

Maknaes should not be this hot. It is forbidden.

Chansung is so suave that James Bond wants to make him a drink.

So hot he melts earwax.

So hot he melts earwax.

Chansung is so beautiful that the Garden of Eden is based on his likeness.

His smile is as magical as a unicorn on a rainbow of God's farts.

His smile is as magical as a unicorn on a rainbow of God’s farts.

Chansung’s sex appeal is so strong that he is classified as his own universal type of sexual attraction.

Look at that. It's so perfect it's infuriating.

Look at that. It’s so perfect it’s infuriating.


fan spazz



  1. omgee you finally did my bias in 2pm! ❤

    1. I should have just pooled responses like this for the post haha.

      1. lol, maybe you should do a post of your favorite comments or make a pt 2 XD

  2.…’ve hit the jackpot on this one right here!! Chansung!!! I think my ovaries just wept with joy!!!

    1. Chansung: Doin’ thangs to ovaries all over the world.

  3. Fleur De Seoul · · Reply

    I’ve never made a jif. before, but I’m seriously considering learning, so I can watch Chansung do the butt sway dance from ADTOY over and over again. Dem leather pants…

    1. I just rewatched it and yeah, can’t blame you for wanting to capture that there.

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        Yeah, I’m totally glad you got a bunch of pictures of his abs and his face (he’s a cutey when it’s not black and white) but what fascinated me was the hip sway. What’s good is that I don’t really listen to 2pm, so I can go back through the singles and see how many I can fan girl over.

    2. I have a gif on my tumblr of Chansung doing this very sexy body roll…..I had a total fan girl meltdown!!

      1. Fleur De Seoul · ·

        Links or it didn’t happen xD

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