After School’s Nana to Give Her Beauty Tips, Doesn’t Include Blessed Genes

nana white tee selca

After School’s Im Nana is one of the hottest women on the planet and now she will be giving out her make up tips on OnStyle’s ‘Get it Beauty Self’.

Some may say it is a bit disingenuous to insinuate that if a person uses the same makeup, applied in the same way as Nana, that they will suddenly look like Nana. They’d be right:

After School‘s Nana showed how to go from looking like a good girl to a bad girl with her makeup tips.

On the upcoming broadcast of OnStyle‘s ‘Get It Beauty SELF‘, Nana demonstrated how she does her own makeup for looks for everyday and a night out. The still cuts also showed that whether Nana was in her ‘good girl’ or ‘bad girl’ mode, she looked stunning as always.

Find out Nana’s makeup know-hows on the July 22nd broadcast of ‘Get It Beauty SELF’!

I want to look like her and I'm a dewd.

I want to look like her and I’m a dewd.

Makeup tips  do not include supermodel proportions or access to the best skin care and cosmetics in Korea.

Also, does not include God’s favored status:

The reason 'Flashback' exists.

The reason ‘Flashback’ exists.



If makeup can make this happen, then I have some holy water to sell.

If makeup can make this happen, then I have some holy water to sell.

Yup, dead. Me. I'm dead.

Yup, dead. Me. I’m dead.

I'm excited too.

I’m excited too.

Was this just a thinly veiled excuse to do another Nana image heavy post?


Do I regret any of it?

Of course not.



  1. I need an Orange Caramel comeback NOW.

    1. Moar Lizzy and Nana is always a good thing. Yes please.

  2. black soshi · · Reply

    Thank you for indulging yourself daily. If I am being greedy I would like more please.

    1. Have no fear for all Nana posts somehow end up like this.

  3. Speaking of Orange Caramel, I was googling info the other day. Turns out Raina is 20s, total surprise, thought she was about 15. I love OC: sexy(Nana), cutie(Lizzy) and Raina.

    1. That’s how I think of Orange Caramel: The cute one, the sexy one and the ______ one.

    2. Raina is 24. Seems about right to me.

      Raina is cute enough for Orange Caramel. After School (which is basically a bunch of models) is where she seems out of place.

      The one I was surprised by recently is Sojin of Girl’s Day. She’s 27. Didn’t expect that at all.

      Of course, Boram of T-ara takes the cake for age/appearance disparity. She’s 27 but looks about 12 – literally.

      1. For me, the one’s that surprised me the most were Sojin of Girl’s Day, Seungyeon of Kara and Dara of 2NE1.

  4. Sojin exudes such mature sexuality it doesnt even matter that shes “kpop old”. Saw a photo of her sucking a red lolipop earlier today my brain almost exploded.
    Boram is funny. Sometimes shes like a cute little girl, other times she looks evil like a Japanese horror movie girl.

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