SM Entertainment Tries to Explain Away Sulli Saying “You Motherf*cker” in Chinese


So, someone in the Running Man editing room fuqed up bad when they “accidentally” forgot to edit out Sulli cursing in Chinese in a recent episode.

Sulli is considered to be one of the cute and innocent idols so it must have come as a shock to some when the f(x) star was caught on camera… swearing. Not on her own mind you, but as a topic of conversation on the program:

The clip in question comes from the recent episode with Park Ji Sung and Patrice Evra. While watching the game from the bleachers above, Sulli can be heard quietly saying around the 63 minute mark, “cao ni ma”, a phrase similar to “you m*therf*cker” in English.

In order to salvage SM’s years of cultivating Sulli into being a pure and delicate angel who would never ever be exposed to something as uncouth as swearing, let alone partaking in it herself, the label released this statement:

“While discussing the Chinese language with the staff members, the topic turned to Chinese curse words,” SM Entertainment explained. “We think that the words accidentally came out on broadcast without being edited.”

Ah yes, the ol’ “she accidentally cursed and then it was accidentally left in” excuse. Gotta hand it to SM, the double layer of protection usually works but as they teach in every back-assward religious school, the only true way to stay pure is to abstain from the dirty practice all together.

You motherfuckers.

You motherfuckers.



  1. Just when you think Sulli cant get any sexyier she starts talking dirty. Wonder what else Victoria has been teacher angel Sul?

    1. Wonderful things. All the wonderful things.

    1. The more accurate translation is: “Fuck your mom!”.

      1. Yes but “You Motherfucker” is funnier sooooo

      2. I don’t think Sulli could possibly ever offend me.

        Even the most vulgar things would just end up sounding cute coming from her.

      3. She could curse like a sailor and I’d sell it as an audiobook for children.

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