Man Candy Mondays: Nichkhun

nichkhun cover

Nichkhun Horvejkul is an Thai-Chinese American Korean pop star (man, what a mouthful that is). He is best known for being a singer and rapper in K-Pop mancake group 2 PM.

And maaaybe hitting a motorcyclist while under the influence. There was that whole thing too which is totally OK because he apologized. To the fans. Nichkhun is one of the hottest dewds in K-Pop. Nichkhun is a passable singer and rapper, more utilized for his fluency in English and Mandarin (and his abs) than his rapping or singing abilities. His appearances on Running Man are always great, where Nichkhun shows amazing athletic abilities and a quick wit which proves that God had to knock him down a peg or two with the drunk driving incident (that poor motorcyclist was a pawn in God’s divine plans). But even God couldn’t shake Nichkhun’s supreme confidence in his abilities or looks. Yup, Nichkhun’s confidence and abs defy God’s own will. All hail Nichkhun, our drunken man candy God at the wheel.


Nichkhun is so hot that he cools off in Mt. Vesuvius.

It's gettin hawt in hurrr.

It’s gettin hawt in hurrr.

Nichkhun is so cute that his smile warms the soul better than chicken noodle soup.



Nichkhun is so much beefcake that he doubles as an all you can eat buffet.

His arms are made of pure sex.

His arms are made of pure sex.

Nichkhun is so beautiful that sunshines write poems about him.

He's like the boy next door. But impossible.

He’s like the boy next door. But impossible.

Nichkhun’s abs are so cut that they can mow lawns.





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