Netizens Can’t Handle Girl’s Day Yura’s Ass

yura gd

So “Female President” is the best thing about summer in the Year of Our Lord 2013 but netizens are getting their panties in a wad over Yura’s booty.

Stretching credibility, Girl’s Day’ label Dream T Entertainment tried to head off criticisms of Yura’s wonderful styling in “Female President” by essentially saying that she was wearing tights:

DreamT Entertainment stated, “Yura’s outfit is a pair of full-body tights. Because it is not a one-piece dress, certain parts of her body weren’t exposed.”

Netizens predictably couldn’t process the wonders of Yura’s behind.

Netizens commented, “Even though an explanation has been released, there is no denying that this music video was a bit too racy”, “My eyes can’t help but to look over there whether its tights or not”, and more.

So, uh, after doing a whole bunch of “research” and “investigation” into this rather pressing and important issue, I think it’s safe to call bullshit on this.

Look at dem tights.

Look at dem tights.

Unless full body tights now come stock with “realistic looking bruise on upper right thigh”, “purposeful material wrinkles at seams of butt with contrasting skin tight textile material to simulate smoothness of legs” and “flap sewn right above crotch to give the illusion of dress”. Not that I’m complaining, netizens be dumb if they can’t appreciate all that ass. I mean look at her. Yura is freaking magical and deserves all the praise and adulation in the world. Shrines should be built in her honor. That dress, I’m sorry, those tights should be in the Louvre. In fact, I move to have a holiday dedicated to Yura and her “full body tights”.

Now, back to research on this critical issue.




    1. Thanks, I certainly try!

  1. Before I even looked at it again I knew it was B.S. (I’m a certified expert on this MV at this point). Plus – why would the vertical seam stop at the edge of the dress cutoff if it was really a full bodysuit?

    Not to mention that Minah’s from-behind ass shot was even more gratuitous. They were concerned about covering Yura up but not Minah?

    Silly no matter how you analyze it.

    1. Because Minah does not have all dat ass like Yura. Also, netizens are afraid of sexual attraction and Yura has that in spades.

      1. By “they”, I meant the company.

        If Yura isn’t wearing stockings in live stage performances in front of people, she certainly isn’t wearing them in a controlled environment like a music video set.

    2. Yup. Oh fiddle gifs. I am a fan.

    1. Yaaaaaasssssseeeeee

  2. My hope is that this fantastic new documentary video will disprove the hateful allegations by overweight american chicks that korean women “got no ass”.

    1. Doesn’t even matter.

      Cute face >> nice ass.


      1. And Yura has both: game on.

      2. No matter how one feels about face versus boobs versus ass, I think we can all agree that Yura has everything for everyone.

  3. Yura: flawless.
    Still, I fancy Hyeri more. Used to be Minah but my new GD bias is Hyeri Sexy Maknae.

    1. Hyeri huh? Probably my least fave Girl’s Day member but that has more to do with how hnnnggg Yura and Sojin are and how adorable Minah is.

      1. Agree with you about Yura, Sojins and Minahs charms. For Hyeri I think its her seeming the opposite of a petite, demure kpoptart. She is tall, well-built and has the toned legs of an amazon. Despite that she is cute and femine.

    2. Yeah Hyeri has dem legs for sure.

  4. It’s silly that the company has to lie just to placate these forever-pressed netizens, but I guess they assumed butthurt and gullible go hand-in-hand, and that people will see what they want to see. Not sure how they can continue to convince their eyes that her legs are being covered by tights after watching the MV again, though.

  5. This picture/gif should be spread across every forums/boards/twitter page where Caucasians criticize us mongoloids for having NO ASS….

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