2PM’s Nichkhun Hit a Motorcyclist While Under the Influence; Is Most Sorry to 2PM and Fans


So you may remember a while back when 2PM’s Nichkhun hit a motorcyclist while driving over the legal limit. There was a whole outcry and spiel followed by Nichkhun withdrawing from the group for a bit to reflect on his thoughts, which is code word for “kept in JYP’s prison until the public forgets about why they were angry in the first place”.

Well, now the Nichkhun rehabilitation tour has commenced and he is saying all the, well I’m not sure if it’s right things, but saying the things that his handlers have told him to spout to get back in the good graces with his fan base:

After 2PM‘s Nichkhun was sentenced for driving under the influence last year, the boy group revealed that the incident had made a large impact on their lives together.

For their comeback special ‘2PM Returns‘ on MBC, Nichkhun was interviewed on his scandal last year.“I’ll never forget that day,” he said. “I thought that I wasn’t human. I was so sorry to my fans and the members, I cried in front of them for the first time. I’m a foreigner, yet my fans accept me and pour out their love for me. But I felt like I betrayed and disappointed them. All I kept thinking about was how much my fans must be hurting.”

Oh yes, the poor poor fans who had to bear the burden of being denied your glorious mug Nichkhun. They are surely the most injured party in this whole incident. I get the whole public relations angle and not wanting to remind people of the fact that you basically almost committed vehicular manslaughter because you tipped one too many back with Sohee or some shit, but this is just too precious.

So let it be known. Nichkhun could probably kill someone and shit on their corpse while lighting puppies on fire, but don’t worry 2PM fans; he’ll be most worried with how that will affect your feelings. Because that’s what matters here. Now, that is a man who cares about people.



  1. I’ve always wondered if there is a common Korean expression that means something like “the people who look out for me” and Kpop bands use it in response to fans. Sometimes the amount stars talk about their fans is a little weird. I think it’s either a translation thing or they are forced by their company to make every answer include the word fan. I mean, really…

    1. Yeah, I get it from the PR angle, like I can almost hear them screaming “DON’T MENTION MOTORCYCLE OR GETTING KRUNK I SWEAR TO GAWD NICHKHUN” but the whole acting like he had been on vacation for the past couple months without telling anyone is off putting to my ears.

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