Waifu Wednesday: Bae Suzy

Miss A Suzy needs no introduction

Bae Suzy is a Korean idol, actress, model and MC. She is a member of Miss A and is considered to be the Nation’s Little Sister (TM).

Suzy is widely considered to be among the prettiest, cutest, bestest idols by everyone. She is cute and her acting in Dream High is actually pretty decent. Her turn as Hye Mi had a depth and consistency of character that made me forget that her main profession is being a very pretty member of JYP’s last great girl group hope. She is an average singer but her popularity is undeniable and she eclipses her own group to a greater degree than Hyuna overshadows 4minute. She racks up popularity polls and endorsements like a parched dog laps water. And you know what? It’s hard to disagree. She’s damn pretty and a damn fine performer. Right now, Korea belongs to the new Nation’s Little Sister (TM). Long may she reign.


Bae Suzy overthrew JYP and now owns his future.

The princess has become the queen.

The princess has become the queen.

Suzy’s popularity rivals that of Ghandi and Abraham Lincoln. Combined.

Rock on

Rock on

There are few things better than Bae Suzy.

Maybe Suzy and Bora together.

Maybe Suzy and Bora together.

When God dreams, He dreams of Bae Suzy.

Good Lawd

Good Lawd

Suzy’s rebellion and conquest of the title of the Nation’s Little Sister was swift and merciless.

Poor IU

Poor IU

Suzy is so miraculous that her smile alleviates arthritis.

She's got Korea in the palm of her hand

She’s got Korea in the palm of her hand

Yoona should watch her back because Suzy com’in yo.

She's fantastic and she knows it

She’s fantastic and she knows it

I say this as a Fei fan: it’s Suzy’s world and we’re just living in it.

Her reign will be long and prosperous

Her reign will be long and prosperous


conan happy

Next week: Goo Hara or Han Seungyeon?




  1. I love suzy b/c she is so silly and tough at the same time!

    1. Her silliness is underrated.

  2. The thing about Suzy is she knows she’s drop dead gorgeous so she can act 4D awkward and get a away with it with that freaking eye smile of hers. It’s a very dangerous thing when a women is aware of her own beauty, it’s almost like a superpower. Logic and rational thinking is gone when you stare into those eyes. In my worst days you’ll see me replaying an 8 second aegyo clip of Suzy for close to half an hour. I know it’s bad for me and there is no real payoff but I can’t help it. Those sweet seconds made me forget the harsh uncompromising reality if just for a moment.

    I think Suzy has been bestowed the title of the Nation’s first love and IU still has a firm hold on the Nation’s little sister. I think it’ll be hard to take away that title from her. Btw something big happened in Korea in 1994. Suzy, Sulli, Jiyoung, Krystal, Son Yeon-jae (the gymnast). Like some sort of naturally occurring beauty bacteria formed in the water at that time and that is why we have such a high concentration of hotness in the 94 line. The 94ers can pretty much beat any other lines by a huge margin.

    1. Her being all awkward in IY2 was mindbendingly cute. And crap, I had forgotten about the distinction between nation’s first love, little sister etc. etc. I think I got that from this: http://www.soompi.com/2012/11/17/iu-is-nations-little-sister-no-more/. Suzy placed third but she was the highest ranked idol so that may be where my wires crossed.

  3. It all rests on her as the breadwinner of JYP really.

    By the way, I wrote an article on my thoughts on JYPE’s status as a Big 3 company. I hope you will read and comment on the post! http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/jypes-current-status-as-a-big-3-company/

  4. ratu_karin · · Reply

    Yehet I love suzy and miss a and I agree with you and sorry if my english to bad 😀

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